soul food sundays yoga work out healthy foodHi babes! It is time for yet another fabulous, mouth watering food post! As usual I have only picked out the best of the best recipes. This time I have also tried to incorporate a few side dishes, like the jalapeno hummus that goes with so many different type of meals and the rosted zucchini with lemon that would be amazing with any type of meat or vegetarian option!

I am getting kinda hungry just by looking all these pictures and I rarely get hungry (I know I am weird) ;) Tonight I am making a new soup I have come up with myself, it is the best soup I ever had in my life (no I am not saying that just because it is myyy soup haha!). I will take a few pictures and show you guys tomorrow, literally it’s so creamy and smooth and superduper healthy! It contains everything from carrots, broccoli, ginger, tumeric and coconut!

Please let me know if you would want more healthy food inspiration and tips! Hugs/ LouiseVegan-Coconut-Thai-Iced-vegan-glutenfree-thaiteaVegan chai ice tea recipe

grilled zucchini with lemon butter the perfect side dishZucchini with lemon butter recipe

One Pan Mexican Quinoa recipeOne Pan Mexican Quinoa recipe

Chocolate-Strawberry-Oatmeal-recipeChocolate oatmeal recipe

Balsamic-Chicken-and-Avocado-Bruschetta-Salad-55Grilled balsamic chicken and avocado salad recipeVanilla-Almond-Vegan-Granola-13Homemade gluten free vanilla granola recipe

Skillet Brown Rice and Beans with Heirloom Tomato SalsaSkillet Brown Rice and Beans with Heirloom Tomato Salsa recipe

grileld salmon with mango salsa recipeGrilled salmon with mango salsa recipe

green vegan tacos recipeGreen taco recipe

Creamy-Roasted-Jalapeno-Hummus-vegan-glutenfree-hummusCreamy rosted jalapeno hummus recipe

Raw-Vegan-Twix-Bars-with-Banana-Caramel-5Raw vegan twix bars recipe

AMAZING-HEALTHY-Vegan-Fried-Rice-with-Crispy-Tofu-vegan-glutenfree-recipe-chinese-friedrice-plantbasedVegan fried rice with crispy tofu recipe


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