smashbox cosmetics haul make up loversHi dolls!
I’m so excited to review all these products for you this upcoming week, I got so many new tutorials planned for the fall that i can’t wait to show you all!

So far my favorite products from Smashbox Cosmetics are the lip liner in the color rosebud, it is ahhhmazing!
It matches my natural lip color so well that it is literally perfection to use when wanting that bit extra plump look my slightly overdrawing the lips.
I’m also going to do a tutorial on how to tastefully overdraw your lips, you do not want the edge where you lips end to show and that is they key I’m going to show you how to achieve by using the right products and the right technique.

I also love the Smashbox trio contouring pens, they are a dream to work with. They are thick, creamy contouring pencils that are perfect for getting that defined contoured look. You don’t have to work with a contouring brush to draw the lines and the tip of the contouring pens can be sharpened so it is easy to use while contouring the nose and lip area. Before using these pens I actually struggled to contour my nose, it’s not that I can’t nose contour with a brush because I can, it is just so time consuming.
It didn’t make sense for me to contour my nose with a brush because I’m a perfectionist and that takes too much time haha!
But with the pens it goes so quickly and then just blend it out with the pointy tip on a moist beauty blender!
I also quickly swatches the highlight stick called LA lights (hello that’s my initials so it gotta be good haha!!) and I was blown away with the amount of pigment in this product. It was a AHA moment for me and I can’t wait to use it.

smashbox cosmetics haul make up lovers

Unfortunately I got a little bit of a cold at the moment and one should NEVER ever use make up while you have a cold. If you use make up when you have a cold or if you are sick because the bacteria/virus is in all of your body and by applying make up you can easily get the germs in the make up products and then next time you apply the product you can get sick again. The most important products to avoid when you are sick or throw away after is mascara, eyeliner and lip products like lipgloss or lipsticks. So because of that I can’t do the tutorial of this products today but stay tuned. XX Louise


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