summer weekend trips

The summer have just started and I presume many of us are planning our summer holidays.
Regardless if you are staying in the city working, just have the time and money for a quick weekend away or you want to splash out on a luxurious longer vacation, I am here to give you some of my best tips on where to go.


If you only have a few days to spare, pack you smaller suitcase and either jet off to London for an amazing time or if you are craving more of a beach vibe go to Barcelona.

These two big cities are extremely different and since I lived in one of them and visited the other several times I have experienced the best of both of these cities.

london in the summer travel guide

London – You can to go London with your family, with your friends or you significate other. This city have no limits and in the summer it is like a never ending fairy tale. Walk along the lovely streets in Chelsea and a walk along the Thames (not the south side of the Thames though), dine at amazing restaurants, visit some of the worlds most amazing rooftop terraces and go shopping. And if you are in the mood, the club scene is a never ending story and it always offer the best of the best in Mayfair.
I promise I will publish the ultimate London guide very soon!

w hotel barcelona conde naste traveler

Barcelona – This is the type of city that is best suitable for a shorter trip with friends or your signifitae other. It does not really have a family vibe over it. It offers a lot of fun bars (a lot of rooftop bars as well!), restaurants and night clubs. Go shopping at la ramblas, visit hotel W for drinks and just lounging during the day and enjoy one of the many nightclubs near the beach. However I may add, Barcelona is nowhere near as sofictistaed as London and it is very relaxed. So if you love to get dolled up and look glamorous, go to London or Paris instead!

summer weekend trip rome

Rome or Venice - I have never been but I have always dreamed of going to both Rome and Venice, hopefully one day I will. If you have the chance to go there I am sure it will be an amazing weekend trip.
venice dream vacation

venice at night


If you have a bit more time to spare and at least one week minium to travel, I would recommend these options;
greek islands santorini

The greek islands

Nothing is more amazing than a week or two at one of the most amazing greek islands. Since recent turbulence of events happening in the Mediterranean sea and greek economy, a lot of place had to close down and the selection is not as big as before, so to make sure you visit somewhere where business is as usual, choose one of the more luxurious islands that are more reserved from extreme amounts of tourists.

Santorini - So romantic and oh so chic! This is the perfect place to go with your partner.
greek islands santorini

Zakynthos – This island offer the most amazing beaches! Do not miss Zakynthos it is breathtaking and a lot more too see than many other greek islands.
“Visitors to Zakynthos should avoid the boozy corners of the south coast and stick to the beautiful, unspoilt north and mountainous west of the island,” says Telegraph Travel’s Joanna Symons.
santorni honeymoon vacation

Mykonos - This is the island to go for with your girlfriend if all you want to do is party, chill on the beach and just enjoy the Greek culture at the same time! A lot of the great clubs in London have opened clubs in Mykonos during the summer so there is no shortage of either bars or clubs in this island. It is not as chic as South of France but more sophisticated than Ibiza.
Italy - Lake Como: Villa Blues

Italy - Or why not jet off to somewhere fabulous like Capri or Lake Como? These are the favorite places of many celebs and it is not hard to see why. It is chic, classic and tranquil. Perfect for a couples looking for the perfect romantic holiday. Warning, this is some pricey places to visit so be prepared to spend just as much as in South of France.


South of France

Nothing beats a few weeks in South of France and it’s magical vibe. How to enjoy South of France in the absoluteltyu best way is to rent a car, spend a few days in different areas and cities and take a detour to provance. Then you will discover the best of all worlds. Or why not go along the coast along Italy?

My suggestion would be a 1-2 days in Monaco (after that it might get boring), Eze, Cannes, Cap ferrat, St Tropez.
Avoid the classic beach restaurant and look online to find the hidden gems and you are sure to have a lovely time.

Do not miss provance, visit a wine yard, enjoy long lunches and go shopping at the small local markets for things to bring home. The atmosphere in provance is so relaxing it needs to be experienced. But don’t expect to find any exciting bars anywhere near ;)
sailing trip gilles bensimon

Sailing in croatia, the greek island or why not in the Swedish Archpelago? – In my family sailing is a big tradition I when I was growing up we went sailing every summer. It is something so magical about sailing but I would recommend going sailing in calm waters where you can enjoy the trip and not the rough sea. Sailing in preplanned routes in both Croatia and the Greek island must be magical but doing it outside Stockholm and along the cost towards Öland is not so bad either!

sailing trip

Road trip in the US - Go on a road trip through Florida and stay a few more days in Miami. Just avoid august as this is the rain seasons worst month!
Or head over to LA and do the classic road trip through route 66 and to San Francisco.
summer holiday

Trend alert! There is a growing selection of healthy holidays, which means you buy a package trip. The organizer have reneted out a selection of houses or hotel rooms somewhere warm and nice, then they have set up a shecudle of actititys with work outs and meditations, yoga etc. All the meals are included and you have organised dinners with all the people on the trip. This sounds like a faboluous way of meeting new friends and perfect if you want to enjoy a relaxing trip on your own but still want to feel like you are not alone and get the chance of making new friends. I am going to research this more and write an update with what I found in the near future!


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