july 2015Throwback photo from July 2015 ♥

Hi dolls!
Hope you all are having a great summer. It’s been so quite here on the blog lately and it makes me sad tbh, after blogging for 12 years it feels like blogging is a part of me. Sadly I have not been able to update the blog as usual and taking a bit of a blog break due to health reasons. I def don’t wanna close down my blog or anything like that, I will be back! But until I feel ready to update with new content I will republish old blog posts that I feel are still relevant. After all, 12 years of blogging and over 6000 blog posts there are A LOT of good posts that gets lost in the huge blog archive that I have :)) Especially the large amount of beauty blog posts that I have written over the years! When I come back I will have a new approach on the blog as well, there are so many things in the world I want to shed light on and spread awareness. Hugs Louise


how to tint your eye lashes at home refectocil ögonfransfärg brynfärg depend refectocil

After you learn this simple beauty hack there is no longer the need to go on expensive salon visit and you will save a small fortune over the years!

I am talking about at home tinting of eyebrows and eye lashes, the tricks are to learn how to apply the products, choosing the right products and mixing them correctly and learning how to be very careful not to get it into your eyes or leaving it on too long. But no need to worry, I will go over all the steps and you can save this link and re-read while you are doing it in case you forget and steps :)

I also want to add a small note about the risk with this treatment, regardless if you are doing at home or at a professional saloon there is always a risk that you might get allergic. Just like when you try a new beauty product or a hair dye at the hair dressers. My advice is to use a small bit on one of your eyebrows, let it sit for 5 min max, then remove and see what happens. If it does not look red or itch you are fine, and you just skip filling out that area when you dye the rest of your eyebrows. This is just a important step to take before going ahead and tinting your lashes. If you are extra sensitive and been allergic before I would advise you to only color your eyebrows for a few times and see that you don’t react to any of the ingredients before moving forward to your eye lashes :)

The product I use is called RefectoCil and it is the most common products all around the world in beauty salons. So then you will be using that exact same product which is great! It is much more long lasting than any other brands hence it is so popular among professionals. Also when tinting your eye lashes make sure you buy this silicone pads to protect your eye area.

how to tint your eye lashes at home refectocil ögonfransfärg brynfärg depend refectocil

Step 1. Cleanser your face with and make sure you have no traces left of make up. If you have extremely dry skin I would recommend dipping a q-tip into some argan oil and gentle sweep it around your eyebrows, however make sure you do not get any oil on the area you are going to apply the color. This is just a little trick in case the dye would get outside the eyebrows and it will prevent the color making a big stain on your forehead ;)

how to tint your eye lashes at home refectocil ögonfransfärg brynfärg depend refectocilStep 2. Use the RefectoCil cream  peroxide. Do not buy or try the liquid peroxide since it tend to make the solution too watery and it is more difficult to keep out of the eyes and to shape the eyebrows with. I mix about 2 cm of the dye with about 16-18 drops of the cream. This will be more than enough for both eyebrows and lashes, however I use this brown color on my eyebrows and this black or blue-black on my lashes. Make sure you blend the color properly so the cream and the color gets blended really well.

how to tint your eye lashes at home refectocil ögonfransfärg brynfärg depend refectocilStep 3. Brush you eyebrows upwards for the best look. On all these photos I am not wearing any make up nor eye lashes tint, so only focusing on the brows in this part.
And as you can see I got some freckles, it get loads of them when I tan haha!

how to tint your eye lashes at home refectocil ögonfransfärg brynfärg depend refectocilStep 4. Apply the color with a thin eyebrow pencil like the one I show in the photo above. Now this is the most important part of the whole tutorial, do not fill out where your current eyebrows are, fill out the shape you ideally want. Just like when you use a normal eyebrow pencil and filling out your eyebrow.
What this trick will do is simply amazing. All over the face you and tiny, thin (usually very light/blonde) hair, all this hair is maybe not visible to the naked eye without a strong light faced you. But when you dye these hair you can actually change the shape of your eyebrows! This is a trick I learned from watching a show about how recovering cancer patients gets their eyebrows back.
So if you suffer from uneven eyebrows or eyebrows that you once upon a time plucked way to much and now are dying to grow thicker, this is what you should and need to do, at least once a month!
As you can my eyebrows was a few years ago quite thin, but when I went to get them threaded in 2012 (read more about the horrible experience in Swedish here) the lady that did it made them uneven. So I have one perfect eyebrow and one that is thinner, so I do this quite often since I am not sure if I want to get a cosmetic tattoo.

Step 5. Leave it on for about 5 minutes!

Step 6. Soak a cotton pad in water and gently wipe off the dye, I usually repeat this a few times to made sure all the color is gone. Don’t worry if you eyebrows appear darker than you wanted them too, it is just because the color is stuck to your skin and it will fade away after 1-2 hot showers.

Step 7. Brush you eyebrows once again and just a small, fine scissor to remove any excess hair. Refrain from plucking the hair at all must and if you want to try to change your eyebrows shape a little always try with a small scissor first so the damage wont be permanent!

how to tint your eye lashes at home refectocil ögonfransfärg brynfärg depend refectocilAnd the results? As you can see the thin hairs are now showing more on my eyebrows and this will create a better base before filling them out with eyebrow pencil :) The the photo above I did not go hard core in terms of shaping my brows with concealer and highlighter, I kept it casual with Anastasia brow wiz in color Taupe for a natural look. I wanted to show you dolls a realistic expectation with just some tint and eyebrow pencil. If you start filling them out like I did in this tutorial, the world is your oyster, at least when it comes to getting those eyebrows on fleek lol ;)

Also I want to add again I have not tinted my eyelashes in any of these photos, when I do that the lashes are a lot darker :)
Let me know how it goes for you and if you have any questions ♥
XoXo Louise


diptyque candlesMy favorite scented candles since I was maybe around 15 years old has always been Diptyque, especially the scent Feu De Bois.
It smells like a rustic open wood fire, like you’re sitting in front of a open fire in the alps or something. At least that’s what I imagine when I light up that candle and let the scent spread throughout the apartment.
It such a lovely scent because its neither feminine or macules, it smells so homely and not too sweet like some candles do. Btw, this candle is pretty much the perfect gift for a couple at least if you ask me!
I remember going to the Diptyque store in paris on my 18th Birthday trip to Paris and it was such a lovely experience to see a whole store filled with nothing but candles.
Unfortunately I couldn’t bring as many home as I liked, but I remember buying at least two :))

The second thing I love about these candles are that they are PERFECT to clean out when the candle is brunt down and use as either brush or pencil holders.
I currently have three empty Diptyque candles as brush holders and I’m planning on cleaning out more of them soon :))
The girl behind the blog Beauty Look Book (her photos below) has really come up with cute ways to use old Diptyque candles!
I have the same big black candle as seen on the last photo and she has turned hers into a mini vase for cut roses *heart eye emoji*, wow so clever!
diptyque brush holder candles diptyque brush holder candles parisdiptyque brush holder












If I had limitless of money I would def splurge on all these items, imagine what a dream! But hey a girl can always dream right!? Lol!
The most affordable out of all the things are of course the HudaBeauty Textured palette. I have been longing to try it for quite some time now, it is suppose to be really good and with lots of pigment. The top row of shadows with glitters should be applied with fingers and not brushed, something about heating the shadow up and getting more product on the eyelids. Quite intriguing if you ask me as a make up connoisseur. The HudaBeauty palette just launched in Sweden at costs nearly 700SEK (approx 70USD), I would never EVER in my life spend this time of money on an eyeshadow palette, what a total ripoff. It’s nothing more special in this product than the regular eyeshadows for around 200-300SEK. But IF I had unlimited money sure I would buy it just to collect it lol!

On to the rest of the items, a baby (aka mini) Balenciaga in lovely pink/nude color, classic taupe Sac de jour medium from Saint Laurent, rose gold lady datejust from Rolex, Balenciaga bracelet, Saint Laurent over the knee boots and the stunning rose gold Cartier bracelet.



carita body oil Fluide de Beauté 14 courrèges
Carita limited edition Fluide De beauté – price 519 SEK / £45

Fluide de Beauté 14 Caritas classic body oil Fluide de Beauté 14 is the perfect all around oil, a well known classic to say the least.
It works both for face, body and hair but personally I prefer to only use this on my body only. But don’t get it twisted, this is not a pure oil like for example 100% argan oil, instead it is a mixture of different ingredients and some oil.
It is stated that you can use it together with your day cream or foundation to nourish the skin a bit extra. I might just try that to get that dewy look.

This bottle is designed by the french fashion house Courrèges to honor Caritas 70 year anniversary. I love this bottle sooo much I am def saving it when the product runs out. Also what I love about this limited edition bottle is that it comes as a spray, perfect for applying oil if you ask me. It can get so messy and easily too much oil when you pour it in your hand, but this I just spray on my feet, knees, elbows and decolletage and it makes the skin feels so smooth.



vegan green smothie recipeGreen smoothie bowl recipe

Okay so I have to confess, the last month I have been slacking a bit with what I am eating. Not terribly but eating to much sweets but those days are over. I was sooo healthy from new years eve until end of may I didnt eat any ice cream, sweets, candy, cakes NOTHING. I was so proud over myself but then I was feeling so down and have my comfort food ice cream and well I got “hooked” again. I’m not eating a ton of sweets but I’ve fallen back to the habit of eating ice cream.

I also wanna say one of the best decisions I’ve made is to not eat animals, I just feel utterly disgusted thinking about eating little lambs, pigs or cute cows. I love animals too much to eat them, however I still do drink milk in my coffee and use butter etc. So I have not gone full blown vegan just yet and I like being a vegetarian, it is a good option for me. However I didnt really mind eating fish however but I can’t eat it but that’s due to other reasons. Chicken or turkey also didnt feel as bad to eat I don’t know why, but red meat and pork is a big no no no for me. However I have not had any poultry for over a year either.
One thing that I have realized is that I have almost no vegan or vegetarian friends, which is a bit sad because I do feel that is such a special thing to share as friends. I guess I need to add some new vegan/vegetarian friends to my life that wants to talk healthy recipes, dogs and health stuff in general haha :))

vegan cheesecakeVegan strawberry cheesecake

Red rice stir-fry with spicy tofu + an announcement recipeRed rice stir-fry with spicy tofu + an announcement recipe

vegan recipe Grilled Breaded Tofu Steaks with Spinach Salad and Tomato Flaxseed BreadGrilled Breaded Tofu Steaks with Spinach Salad and Tomato Flaxseed Bread

vegan Baked Taco SaladBaked taco salad

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vegan 2Moroccan salad bowl with preserved lemons

vegan Vegan Greek zucchini frittersVegan Greek zucchini fritters