cardigan knitted oversized must have this fall autumn chic aw2015

Since it is the first of September it is time to start writing about fall fashion!
F I N A L L Y! One look that I can’t wait to wear this fall is a big, oversized knitted cardigan in either a beige/nude color or grey. I think white looks too much like summer and black makes the look less cute and more goth when it comes to this type of garment. I already have a few knitted long cardigans, like this one and this one. However they are kinda ruined now so I need to stock up on a few new ones.

How would I match and wear the long knitted cardigan?
Option 1. If it’s not too cold outside then a pair of ripped jeans, a tee and a pair of ballerinas.
Option 2. If it’s a little bit more chilly I would wear a pair of dark coloured jeans or leather pants, delicate/thin long sleeved sweater matched with overknee suede boots and throw on a leather jacket on top. And maybe a big scarf as well for the boho look.
3. Leggings, a tank top and a pair or ankle boots. Rock chic!
4. Leggings, uggs and a knitted cardigan is the perfect going to the cinema outfit ♥
Of course there are plenty of more combos but these are just a few I had in mind for fall! How would you wear the knitted cardigan? Always fun to read your comments :)

Below you can find my current favourites. I also love this one (the collar looks so cosy, and reminds me of this cardigan I had before. I also loved this old cardigan I wish they made the same one again!

cardigan knitted oversized must have this fall autumn chic aw20151. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here 6. Here


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