nyx cosmetics rocker chic palette

I just love this palette from NYX cosmetics. The package is just so girly and lovely with rose gold look and a huge mirror. Perfect to use when you want to re-apply the make up throughout the day. I have only tried the shadows on my hand (can post swatches later) but so far I am really liking it. It seems to be high pigmented as well, as soon as I have done a proper eye make up look with this palette I will post pictures!

I have also discovered a new favorite product from NYX, their Wonder pencil is absolutely amazing for contouring the eyebrows and giving them a fresh and clean look around the edges as well as around the eyes.

nyx rocker chic palette beauty blog



  1. Minna
    05/03/2016 / 04:49

    Älskar också roseguld :-)

  2. Mikaela
    06/03/2016 / 04:10

    Den beiga/guldiga färgen ser helt perfekt ut!!! Visa gärna hur den ser ut på men var finns den dock att köpa? tacksam för svar

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