Personally I do not need to make new years resolutions to get going with the things I want to change/get better at or work on. I make changes whenever I am ready to do so and I always work on improving myself in every possible way. With scorpio sun, leo ascending and leo moon (astrology) I am constantly working on improving myself. I always look to improve myself and work towards being the absolutely best I can be. And not to forget the most important thing of them all, performing the best I can work wise etc. Btw, anyone else here that likes astrology? :P

Instead of making new years resolutions I usually plan to reach my goals before the new years begins. This year I had a few “goals”, become more healthy – check, take care of my health in the best way I can – check and have some down time to be able to work even harder in the future – check. I already have my goals of what I want to achieve, so this year will be all about me continuing to work for them. So nothing major to add to my list of things I want to achieve this year. Just keep working on the things I want. Or actually there is two things I want to do this year, first one is to read more books and the second one I will keep that to myself for now ;)

Throughout my years as a blogger I have sometimes gotten the question on tips on how to achieve your goals/new years resolutions. My best advice on how to follow through goals is to only set goals that you and you alone are responsible for achieving. As soon as you start including other people in your goals and dreams you are set up for possible failure. For example if you want to become more healthy, start working out, get a better job or move somewhere else, these are things that are within you own reach and you can affect these things.

However falling in love, travelling with friends, wanting a relationship or having better relationships is not something that you alone can decided, effect or achieve. These are things that are depending on other people as well as luck, destiny and timing. So set realistic goals with realistic time frames. If you guys have made any new years resolutions I hope it works out great and that you all have the strength to fulfil your goals :)



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