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Hi dolls!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend spent doing what you love the most. My weekend was a bit chaotic but ended nicely, went to the cinema and watched a movie I’ve been dying to see and I loved it, so that was great!
I’m feeling so damn motivated right now to do more and blog more, so for all you new readers I wanted to do a blog beauty list. I’ve done one in the past in Swedish so I thought it was way overdue.

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
It depends, if I want to look glam it takes maybe 2 hours, if I’m not going anything that requires me to look glam maybe 1 hour. For me getting ready is my hobby, I listen to music and totally zone out. I do NOT want to stress with process as it gives me so much joy in life. Make up is my biggest passion <3

And in the evening before a night out?
Hehehe, it can take anything between 2-5 hours, if I’m only doing my make up and hair maybe 2-3 hours but if I’m doing my nails as well maybe 4 hours and then 1 hour to just take little breaks and take photos for the blog haha!

What’s your make up routine?
Go glam or go home. I can’t describe my routine I need to show you dolls! 

Hair routine?
I wash my hair with tea tree oil schampo, use a hair mask and let that work it’s magic for maybe 10-15 min and then I use conditioner. I almost always let my hair dry by itself and I avoid blowdries as much as possible. I published a very popular hair guide on how to get long, beautiful hair and this is one of the most essential things to get great hair. I will translate the article to english and “republish”.

Skin routine?
My skin routine is a mess right now, I got so sensitive skin this last year I took a break from using a lot of products like I use to. I felt using so many products as serums, scrubs, exfoliantes etc stressed my skin out so I have gone back to the basic stuff. I cleanse my face with a

If you only could use one make up product, which one would it be?
Concealer and lip liner (no I can’t choose one)

What’s your favorite product right now?
Here I listed my current fave products.

What do you wish you were better at when it comes to make up?
Nothing I alwats slay hehe! Just kidding there is always room for improvement and I do wish I was quicker at doing winged eyeliner on myself. I can do it but it takes me more time and precision to get it right.
kim kardashian make up tutorial mario masterclass
Do you change your make up after the seasons?
Of course I do. That what life is all about, bronzed skin in the summer, contouring in the winter, smokey eyes in the fall and during spring is all about pastel colors.

How often do you wear make up?
I’m such a weirdo when it comes to this, as a beauty blogger for 10 years and being the way I am (true scorpio style) I see everything in life like black or white, all or nothing. So when I do my make up I actually get sad when I can’t go FULL FORCE glam and just slay it, or I enjoy literally wearing no make up at all for days. I prefer to wear make up about 50% of the time though to let my skin breath. You can read about my make up detox here which I did during the summer that actually made my skin so much better!

Tell us about a fun make up/hair incident?
Okay I got one store, the first is I was having a girls dinner back at my parents place years ago and I was really stressed before heading to the club (I was hosting an event) and I just wanted to add a bit more drama to my eyes. I was a little bit tipsy at the time so I reach for a cream eye shadow jar (so I thought) in my huge make up bag and started applying it with a sleek eyeshadow brush only to discover it was GEL EYELINER and I was totally black all over my eye lid. I literally looked like a panda. The girls were heading downstairs to the cab and I had to wash off my make up and redo my make up in less than 5 min haha!
Who has the prettiest make up looks?
Kim Kardashian, sometimes Khloe Kardashian, so anything by makeupbymario or makeupbyariel I love and also carlibybel and lots of other girls on instagram.
A big make up No-No?
Powder foundation, I just can’t stand how powders look on the skin it makes the skin looks so matte and dead to me.A secret make up/beauty tip?
Always rise your eyes with eye water solution, I buy one at the pharmacy called “Sterilt Ögonvatten” which means “Steril Eye Water”, it is steril water with a little bit of salt in it. I rise my eyes with this every time after I have removed my make up and washed my face, you will be surprised how much dirt from make up will come out of your eyes. If you don’t get rid of this it can cause irritation, allergies and red eyes!! I notice my eyes are whiter since I started doing this!What make up product would you bring if your house was on fire?
I would just grab my Balenciaga bags tbh hehe…Which make up artist would you let do a makeover on you?
Mario, Kim Kardashians make up artist!Which celeb do people say you look like?
When I’m not wearing self tan and my hair is very blonde I have been told I look like that blonde girl from games of thrones. I’m not sure if I agree though, what do you dolls think!?

Which YouTube beauty blogger would you like to hang out with and go shopping with?
I think NikkiTutorials, she seems like a lot of fun to hang out with!

How many make up/beauty products do you use to get ready?
I can’t count but I would guess approx 15-20

Which lipgloss or lipstick is in your bag right now?
Smashbox Be Legendary lipgloss

Latest beauty buy?
Self tanning from L’oréal

Fave mascara?
L’oréal So Couture

Name a couple of your fave beauty icons?
Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie

What would you never want to be seen without?
I guess concealer is always nice to throw on but I can go without it!

And last, one beauty product you always recommend?
Organic oconut oil, hemp lipbalm from the Bodyshop and tea tree schampoo and conditioner from Dr Organic
glam fashion make up tutorial

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