My christmas wish list!

Okay so Christmas is over, but I thought I would post my wish list like every other year (and like every other fashionblogger in the world lol!) anyway.

1. Chanel Flap Bag, in the medium or large size in either black or beige. The smallest size I personally do not like and neither do I like the Chanel boy bags. I think the boy bag-design is way to boring to spend that kind of money on. My absolute favourite is nude/beige with gold hardware in lamb or caviar leather. And the black bag with caviar skin is also gorgeous. However I do have a lot of black bags now so it feels like a waste to get yet another black bag. But in the future I will get both colours for sure ;)

2. BCBG Clothes. I love BCBG so much and right now it’s my favourite brand. My fav piece from the brand is the Agda top. I already have a few but I love the new prints as well, so want to get some more ones, like the one below in pink and some of the other ones with nice prints.

3. Givenchy antigona medium in beige/Linen or nude colour

4. Another fur jacket. I do love fur jackets and ever since my white short fur jacket got worn out I have been looking for a new one to replace it. The perfect one would be in either grey or black and in a shorter model, so it can be worn both during day and night.

5. Louis Vuitton Alma in the largest size GM, patent leather in dark purple or black classic leather.6. Cartier Love bracelet. Kind of overpriced for a gold bangle but still a gorgeous and classic piece of jewellery

7. YSL Tribut Sandals with the lower heel, I love the ones in black, patent leather, pink and nude. I’ve loved these heels for a couple of years now but then I forgot about them. I love the newer version with the shorter heel is just perfect, it is 11 cm with 3,5 cm platform which is the perfect height. I am so over super high heels and I think it looks more elegant to wear boots and sandals with a slightly lower heel.8. Karen Millen Suede Boots


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