morphe palette 35o review swatches
One eye shadow palette that I have been wanting to try for ages is the 35O palette from Morphe Cosmetics. It looks so divine and all you can possibly need when it comes to earth and netural tones. I’ve heard the eyeshadows are super smooth but also highly pigmented, something I find most eyeshadows today are not!
It’s almost become a rarity to find pigmented eyeshadows nowadays and both high end and drug store brands are useless without using any primer first.

This huge palette costs only 29USD however I found it on a british online store that ships to Sweden and the price was almost twice as much… But I think I’m going to order it anyway as a little bday pressie to myself because I’m dying to try it.

Have any of you dolls tried it? Xx Louise






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  1. Magdalena
    11/11/2016 / 06:09

    You can use sites like Vpost and you pay normal price for the eyeshadow pallete + shipping cost, so the Vpost service is actually free. My friend used it and said it all went really well and that the customer service is really great and helpful. And I’m not sponsored or anything, I just wanted to help :)

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