Mario dedivanovic kim kardashian make up tutorial

mario dedivanovic kim kardashian make up tutorial
Photos: Armand Dommer

My inspiration for this look was Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashians favorite make up artist. I created this look quite some time ago and had forgotten all about it!
Mario usually does this soft bronze brown eye make up look with fluffy lashes and nude lips.
Which I obviously love, so I had to try and recreate it but channel it in my own way. Which means a little less highlighting and contouring and I also skipped the eyeshadow underneath the eyes. This is one of the looks that inspired me. But since I am blonde the same colors wont work on me as for example on Kim. I think it is important to always add your on touch to whatever you do, even when you are inspired by something.
I know Mario is the king of highlighting and also that he loves to use shimmer shadows underneath the lower lash line.
I might do a tutorial on that look as well but I wanted this one to look a bit more natural so you dolls easily can recreate it at home as well!

This look is so simple to accomplish, no tricky contouring, no harsh winged eyeliner and a super soft eye make up.
If you are not sure how to blend the shadows, just practice a few times on your hand and then practice with lighter shadows on your eyes before you go over to darker tones!mario dedivanovic kim kardashian make up tutorial


After I have moisturized my skin with Dermalogica moisturizing booster, I apply MAC pro longwear concealer in NC20 all underneath my eyes and also a bit down on my cheeks. If I am feeling really tired I would double coat it with first NC15 and then NC20 ON TOP of the first layer. Late nights? No problems when you double coat it lol!
After that I apply the Lancome foundation with a damp beauty blender from Real Techniques. I use the large flat side to apply the foundation and the “pointy” side to apply the concealer underneath my eyes. However I recommend using different beauty blenders. I use one for foundation, one for bronzer and one for concealer. Do I need to say I have a looot of beauty blenders at home? Lol! But this one is my absolute fave!
I finish off the base with using yet another beauty blender to add some bronze effect with UNE’s healthy sun bb cream bronzer. This product is so easy to work with and as long as you use a damp beauty blender it works with almost all foundation, however never use this together with a powder. For example, I use this product along my jaw line, underneath my cheekbones and as well on the sides of my forehead. And sometimes a bit along my nose, however this I apply with a concealer brush and then dap gently with a beauty blender along the nose to blend it out.
I then finish with a bit of highlighting/shimmer powder from Duwop on top of my cheekbones, but never directly over the UNE bb bronzer cream.
mario dedivanovic kim kardashian make up tutorial


I always start with a neutral lip balm before applying any lip make up. This is crucial as most lip liners dry the lips out so badly. I love this lip balm from The Body shop!
I apply Make up forever lip liner in C1 on my bottom lip as well as the corner of my top lip. I apply this lip liner from Max Factor (pink petal) on the sides of my top lip, in the middle of my bottom lip and also over my cupids bow. Now to my little secret trick, use the shimmery side of Brow Duality from Anastasia Beverly hills, in the middle above your top lip, right above the cupids bow. I love highlighting above my top lip as this really creates an illusion of having bigger lips, yet making it look natural. In these photos the highlighter may look very obvious but without the extreme flash used in these photos and just seen in daylight it looks perfect. Just make sure to blend it out dolls!
I finish off the lip look with lots of this lipgloss from Max Factor.
I recently discovered this lipgloss when I was at H&M buying beauty blenders since Kicks (a Swedish make up store for the international readers) had run out of them where I shop, and since I was just crusing along the beauty section (haha!) my eyes was imminently drawn to this gloss. It does not feel sticky at all and it gives sooo much shine. However after a kiss or two the gloss is completely gone though *wink wink*. So not really long lasting hehe, but amazing shine!
mario dedivanovic kim kardashian make up tutorial


I always start off with applying a eye shadow primer over my entire eye lid, all the way upp underneath the brows as well and in the corner of my eye (just don’t get it IN your eyes!). I love the Lily Lolo eye shadow primer so much! If you have not tried it before you def need to do it because the eye shadow stays on all day! When I use this primer I never have to worry about reapplying the eye shadow throughout the day/evening and also it brings out the most gorgeous pigments out of average eye shadows.
I used La Palette Nude in beige from L’oréal and to be fair, without eye shadow primer these shadows are really dull and not participially high pigmented. But with the right base they are gorgeous!!
I have only used the shadows with shimmer from this palette when I created this look.
After I curled my lashes I used the feline mascara from L’oréal.
I love the Laura Mercier kohl pen in copper/bronze. I first applied the kohl pen in a quite thick line along the eyes and then I did this little trick with black eye shadow which I wrote about in this post. It is a foolproof way of making your own lashes blend with the individual ones applied on top. Read the post for more info!
I topped off the look with some individual lashes from Eylure. I use the short ones in the middle of my eyes and about 2-3 medium ones on the outer corner of my eyes.


I use this pencil from NYX to “contour” my brows. Meaning I draw a thin line underneath my brows, this gives them a clean look before applying the eye shadow. This also gives an effect of something called a brow lift, making them appear not only more defined but also higher. This makes the eyes look more awake as well!
Just make sure to apply some beige shimmery eye shadow with a fluffy brush along the brows over the line you draw with the NYX pencil, otherwise the line will show! If you look close on my photos you can almost see it. To fill in my brows I use brow wiz as I have written about many times in the past. I also love to finish off my brows with the Brow Mousse by Tweezerman.

Kim kardashian bronze eye make up tutorial products for kim kardashian make up make up by mario




  1. Michelle
    07/04/2015 / 11:10

    Hi just found your blog from bloglovin, love it so far! I love Marios work too

  2. J
    07/04/2015 / 06:25

    gud så fint smink önskar jag vore lika duktig!

  3. Lilly G
    11/04/2015 / 02:19

    Älskar att du faktiskt visat bilder på alla produkter du använt och inte bara skrivit en lång jäkla lista som de andra bloggarna gör haha! då orkar man ju aldrig kolla upp de kram

  4. Hannah
    29/04/2015 / 10:03

    du är så duktig Louise!!

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