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I absolutely adore this manicure tutorial by Lulu’s! I have never seen such a stylish manicure while combining so many different colors. Would love to wear this for a night out!
I need to try and recreate this look myself and possibly incorporating some nude tones.
The problem with me is a suffer from something I call “post manicure stress syndrome”, which basically means unless I am wearing a pink or nude color I panic and need to change it after 1-2 days hahaha! (Yeah I just made that up lol!)
No but seriously, I like wearing funky and fun colors sometimes, but after a day I am over it! It frustrates me so much if I can’t match it to what I am wearing and I just want to remove it asap. So I always wear the same color for my gel polish (light/babypink) and put nail polish on top so I can change it often (and remove it quickly…) Anybody else that is like me, that you just have to wear your favorite nail polish color all the time?

If you wan’t to try this mani, you can find the same/similar OPI colors here
Grey, fuschia/purple, brown and silver glitter



  1. 11/09/2015 / 01:53

    Jättefin & bra blogg!! Har just börjat om att blogga igen, kika gärna in på min sida och se om det är något du gillar och kanske vill följa :) tpfh xoxo // jenky

  2. 12/09/2015 / 05:16

    I like this stylish manicure very much, want to buy one.

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