Makeup by mario masterclass kim kardashian I have been dreaming of going to Makeup By Mario’s masterclass for a while now, I missed it when he was in London last time which was such a shame!
But I am happy to read all the lovely articles from people who have attended the classes.
One in particular that was so descriptive and well written was by a girl named
She did a step by step descriptive of all the tips and how he does Kim’s make up.
Sharing is caring so of course I need to post it so you all can read it as well, you can see her text below!

Right now I am still recovering from tonsillitis so I can’t do any make up tutorials or reviews right now, since you’re not suppose to wear make up when you are ill.
I have so many make up tutorial ideas at the moment so I feel very frustrated to say the least. Hopefully I am better soon and I will be updating much more as well!

The only thing I did not like reading about the masterclass is that Kim states that it is OK to sleep with make up. This could not be further from the truth, sleeping with your makeup on is really bad for your skin as well as your eyelashes. It clogs the pores, make your lashes fall off and makes the skin rougher and increases the risk of premature skin aging.
I read an article with Charlotte Tilbury and Kim Kardashian, where Charlotte Tilbury said she sleeps with her make up on EVERY NIGHT (!) because she refuses that her husband sees her without her make up on. She also said her husband have never seen her without make up.
Like wtf (I’m sorry I had too), how can you marry a man that you can’t even be yourself with!?!
That does not make any sense to me at all, of course you want to look pretty in front your BF/husband but if he does not like your looking natural or you feel okay with sleeping without make up then that’s really bad…

I spend at least 15 min every night properly removing my make up, washing my face with water after making sure there is no product residue and always applying moisturizer.
So that beauty “advice” of sleeping with your make up on, I definitely do not condone ;) Xx Louise
Makeup by mario masterclass kim kardashian
make up by mario master class kim kardashian make up


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