One of my goals is to one day have a vanity set up. I have imagined just how I want it to look and this would be the perfect place for me to do my make up work!
I just love those aryclic plastic organizer, like the ones Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have from Cosmo Cube. I remember seeing the episode where you could see there organizers and I thought it looked so neat!
Also I love this post on how this girl did her vanity, so cute!

The problem for me however is that I want to see my make up clearly, at least the products that I use. I have different sections for unopened products and products I’m currently using, so I rather have my products on shelf’s or in a big organizer than just in a drawer like I have now! I would also love the desk to be in white marble, that would look so amazing.
A make up vanity is not really have difficult to put together, it is more the lack of space that usually gets in the way of creating your dream vanity. At least that’s been the main issues for me! Living in different countries and moving around a lot has definitely made it hard to decorate a place that feels like your own.

What you need to create a vanity

– A desk that is not too deep, you don’t want the mirror on the wall to be too far away from you so you can’t see properly
– Light bulbs around the mirror or preferably a led light, alternatively a ring light. You can find those on ebay!
– A comfy chair that matches the desk (of course!)
– Cute organizers in plastic or marble
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  1. Matilda
    04/04/2017 / 04:42

    Ja mera inredningstips snälla!! Du har alltid så snygga bilder men man vet aldrig vart man kan köpa saker, så skulle vilja önska en guide med dina tips OCH vart man för tag på sakerna sen haha! Kramar

  2. sophia
    05/04/2017 / 11:02

    Håller med helt klart drömmen!

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