lip colours for fall mua lip gloss perfect lip turtorial inspirationThis fall the lip trends are all different shades of nude/beige, dusty pink and cold liliac and purple colors. If you have ever seen what colors Kylie Jenner usually wears than this is exactly the type of colors that are huge this fall. And how gorgeous are not all these lip colors? This is def the season when red, coral and more eye catching  lip colors will to take a step back and let way for more neutral tones.

But one must remember to embrace these colors according to lip size and shape, skin, hair and eye color as well as the rest of you make up. So I thought I would write down a few pointers on how to rock these colors the best!

The nudes – Smaller lips always look bigger with lighter colors, so if you have smaller lips or just want your lips to look bigger go for light nude colors. This look works great regardless of skin and hair color and work with any make up look.

Dusty pink – Dusty pink is in swedish what we know as gammalrosa. It is a bit of pink, a bit of grey and a bit of beige, all blended together to give a soft but still interesting look. This look of course works for any skin tone but it is very flattering for very pale women that wants to draw attention to their lips without painting them in a too dark color. Love, love, love this look!

Purple tones, especially lilac – This color works best if you have at least olive color skin tone or darker. Since if you are very pale as myself you can easily look very goth in this look instead of glam and it is easy to disappear and all you see is very heavily painted lips. This look also looks better on bigger lips since dark colors make anything look smaller, especially when it comes to lipstick. Also remember that this look works best with lipstick instead of lip gloss.

Extreme gold – This look looks best if you have a bit of a spray tan if you are fair skinned like myself or of course works great with darker skin tones. Rock this lip look on a night out together with a lot of soft shimmer, natural eye make up and a winged eye liner with longer lashes, a real wow look!

In my next beauty post I will write about which products to use to create these looks so stay tuned. Xx Louise


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  1. Jessica
    05/09/2015 / 06:15

    Jag längtar efter hösten precis som du. Ser gärna ett inlägg med inspo inför höstens snygga outfits :) älskar din stil! Kan du göra en tutorial på hur du gör dina ögonbryn?


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