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I am always on the hunt for the DREAM foundation, I thought I found it a few times but then I was disappointed afterwards by either break outs, red rashes by allergic reaction, it started to crease after like 15 min to an hour or it made the skin look dry and dull a while after the application. Anyone with similar experiences?
The biggest differance I’ve noticed over the past 11 years as a beauty blogger is the fact that I now usually look a lot older when I apply foundation. Being 27 years of age I noticed I’m getting those fine lines whenever my skin gets dry, so matte foundation is a disaster on me! I can only used foundations with a lot of glow and moisturize to still look my age (and not any older).
There are a few foundations that are said to be no short of amazing and below I have listed two of the most famous ones and two newcomers.

little heartThe Dior AirFlash Spray Foundation. This expensive little bottle is what many brides rely on for their wedding day make up. And just that little piece of information is a bold statement that it gotta be some good stuff in that spray bottle hehe. There are so many raving reviews of this one out in the blogsphere that it’s hard not to get blown away!

“I was initially impressed by this product’s seamless finish and demi-matte, skin-like texture that softens lines and lasts a respectable eight+ hours in a variety of weather conditions. “

“The best thing about this foundation is it’s finish, I’m not even exaggerating when I say it’s beautiful. It makes your skin look flawless without looking cakey or like your wearing too much make up. It makes your skin look airbrushed (hence ‘Airflash’) and I’ve never seen my skin look so nice and clear before. It’s a satin finish meaning it’s great for all skin types.”

Says the women behind the blogs BeautyProfessor and AdayintheLifeOfaNorthernGirl.

So this foundation is on top of my cravings list, however with the hefty price tag I have to wait to review this on and  I’m not sure if Dior would do a press/blog samples for a review. But when I get the chance to get this product I I promise I will come back with the ultimate and honest review dolls!

kim kardashian contour tutorial

little heartThe next one is the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation (also with a hefty price point). This baby is said to be one of the top foundations out there, very luxurious and I would love to have this on display just as a piece of make up art (hehe!).

little heartThe tube to the far right is Charlotte Tilbury ‘Wonderglow’ Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash.
Wow say that 5 times fast haha! This seems to be a dupe of the classic Beauty Flash Balm that took the world by storm a few years ago. However CT’s one is tinted so it can be worn both underneath foundation but also on its own for a natural glow. I do love products that give a very sheer tint for those days you just feel foundation will be to much…

little heartLast one, a cushion foundation by Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense.
Very pricey but this one looks so intriguing to me! I have recently fallen IN LOVE with cushion foundation, the only problem? It’s super unhygienic and I would say a cushion foundation can’t be used for more than a month because bacteria will start to grow in it if you keep it for a longer time. Many other make up artist have expressed this concern as well and especially people will acne should remember to always wash their sponge or beauty blender after each use to avoid flare ups.
I however do love the results of cushion foundations soooo much, it’s my fave type of foundation so I’m dying to get to try out more brands cushion foundations.

Have anyone of you dolls tried these foundation?
Xx Louise

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  1. Jamina
    09/02/2017 / 04:56

    Åh, detta kunde inte komma mer passande! Jag är också 27 och har märkt att jag ser äldre ut när jag använder foundations jag kunnat ha förut. Jag har alltid haft blandhy och blir lätt glansig så jag har alltid kört på matta foundations men som över en natt går det bara inte! Jag kommer nog ge mig på att prova någon av dessa och just nu lutar det åt Armani. Stort tack <3

    • Louise Adolphson
      11/02/2017 / 05:26

      Ja det är verkligen märkligt hur fort hyn ändras efter 25 :(((
      Om du inte redan testat det så är mitt tips att pröva att massera in några droppar ren olja på de ställen där du ser fina linjer eller torrhetsrynkor, innan du applicerar foundation. T ex kokosnötsolja, arganolja, avokadoolja, man får pröva sig fram vilken olja som funkar bäst för en själv men man kan ha olja utan att få blemmor gäller att hitta rätt. Kramar Louise

      • Jamina
        11/02/2017 / 10:42

        Världens största tack för tipset! Provade det idag och kände mig fin för första gången på månader haha. Kram!

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