louis vuitton carry on luggage travel bags

Right now I am obssessed with the Louis Vuttion Carry on in either patent leather or the classic damier monogram. And also I want the cute jewellery box and the larger make up bag to go with it ;) Oh I can’t imagine travelling again without these items haha, I want them all asap! :D

louis vuitton luggage carry on hermes kelly bag

The dream team, Louis Vuitton carry on and Hermés Kelly.

kayture Kristina Bazan airport louis vuitton bag carry on celine

The chic Kristina Bazan with her gorgeous Louis Vuttion bag in my favourite combo, patent leather in dark purple! Photo from her instagram Kristina_Bazan

iza goulart louis vuitton carry on birkin bag

Izabel Goulart


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