Hi dolls, it is time for yet another self tan review! If you want to read some of my previous reviews you can check out this post or this one on how to look fab without make up.
Currently I’m on the look for an amazing face self tanner, I have noticed a lot of the higher end brand give you zits and blemishes (the shock horror when you want to look fab and tanned) and also I’m looking for a new spray tanning salon. If you know any good ones in Stockholm, please write you advice in a comment babes!

Anyway, time for the review starting with L’oréal Paris Sublime Silky Lotion Self Tanning (the right one).

Look and feel
A white lotion that is very light, like a very watery body lotion. The perfect consistent when it comes to self tan if you ask me (or gel is also amazing), because if the cream or lotion is too thick/heavy it is nearly impossible to get even and without any white spots appearing during the next day, especially around the knee and elbow-areas.

This lotion may seem like a piece of cake since I just described that the consistence is ideal, HOWEVER, it is highly sensitive to water. One little splash of water on the hands or arms or neck and you will have a white mark on that spot. You also need to really smooth out the product several times in every area to make sure you got it even. Also do not wash your hands after using the first application, use a antibacterial or cleaning wipe on the palm on your hand and let the product stay on the upper side of your hands. If you use it two days in a row then wash your hands on the second day after application because then the product will have developed more during the first day.

Drying time
It feels very sticky at first, like a body lotion that wont dry. So you need to make sure you rub this product in the skin and not just pat it in, otherwise it will take much longer to dry. it takes approx 30-60 mins to be dry after applying this product, it also depends on how dry your skin is. If your skin is quite dry it will absorb faster.

I always apply my self tan at night so I sleep in my less fancy PJ’s (Not the type you wear with your BF hehe) that I don’t care about if they get stained. I recommend that you all do the same, DO NOT apply self tan during the day and complain about the smell. Self tan will smell you can’t avoid this, so do it in the evening and wash it off in the morning.

Smell during and after application
It smells quite strong but not the classic self tanning scent during application, but the self tanning smell actually appears the day after when you have let the product sit for about 7-10 hours. When the self tan is fully developed you deftinatly need a scented body wash to get rid of the smell!

Color Produced
This works kind of like a build up product, if you use it several times a week or 2-3 days in a row the color will get deeper. I actually think it looks the best after two applications. After just one it gives a very subtle tan, so those of you that hate that dark self tanning look can safely go ahead and try this one. However it is just on the border of orange, this product does not contain any green pigment. A lot of spray tanning products and for example bare minerals contain a green pigment so the cream or spray is pigmented and you can tell it got a green undertone. These products usually appear less orange but it is not always an guarantee for it.
This one I think is okay but it is not perfection. And FYI I’m still looking for that perfect, mind blowing self tan and I have not found it yet.

How long it lasts
One application lasts a few days and the fade is literally zero!! It’s the deeper the color, the more it will fade and may fade in patches. So if you use this product two days in a row make sure you top it up after 3-4 days with another round if you want it to last longer. If you do this you can just keep going for weeks haha.

185 sek (approx 17£)

Buy again?
Yes I would get this tanner again! The price is great and the results are not to shabby. Tomorrow I will review the Elixir so stay tuned for that review later this week. Xx Louise



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