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And the beige madness continues ;) If you dont’ like the color beige I think it is time to stop reading my blog haha :D This outfit, oh my god, it is so perfect I am in lost for words! I have started to enjoy putting together outfits again and got so much inspiration on instagram at the moment, so who knows, I might take up styling again (use to work with that back in the days when I was 18-19).

I love these over knee boots, I bought these ones myself a while ago and they are so comfy and the details on them looks really luxurious even though the price is quite good. So I can’t wait to start wearing them! However the ones in the photo are 9.5 cm high and mine are 8.5 cm, which according to me is the perfect heel height, glamorous but still comfy. Everything higher than 10 cm is just a big no no for me these days!


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