super glam make up tutorial

Hi dolls!

I am wearing Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss in this photo using both literally and so cute together. I have mixed them both together using literally on the edges of my lips and so cute in the middle. Using a bit of lighter lipgloss or lipstick in the middle of your lips will create an illusion of plumper lips!

Currently I am obsessed with shimmery pink/nude tones when it comes to eyeshadows. I have been using one from Bare Minerals and another one from Sephora which I love.
Today it is my H♥ birthday so I am going to do a full on glam look tonight, so will def take lots of pictures and make a step by step guide later. I have some things planned for the evening and some nice pressies in store ;)
He hates taking pictures (lol!!) but I am gonna try to force him to take some so I can share it with you dolls. Have a lovely day!

Lots of love,


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