kylie cosmetics kylie jenner lips like literally gloss

Okay so the other night I was patiently waiting on my laptop… Refreshing… Refreshing… And refreshing…
Then finally the Kylie Cosmetics restock was in full action and I snatched two lip kits since I already have the glosses. I ordered Koko K and Exposed which seem to be lovely nude/pink colours.
I am so excited to try them out. On the photo above I am wearing the “like” gloss and some Maybelline lip liner.

I am such a big fan of lips liners that I can’t wait to try out Kylies and see if they are any good or just average. I will update as soon as I get my delivery!

Xx Louisekylie cosmetics kylie jenner lips like literally gloss


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  1. matilda
    19/06/2016 / 07:29

    är det dina läppar? :O hur snygga som helst, har funderat på att göra min läppar ett tag men inte vågat. kanske borde det efter din bild haha!

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