kylie jenner kylie cosmetics lip glosses literally so cute
Hi dolls!
I was really excited to revive my package from Kylie Cosmetics the other day with the glosses Literally and So Cute. I did not buy the darkest nude color because I thought it wouldn’t suit my skin tone. I obviously had to try this true Kylie style, meaning lots of lip liner underneath the gloss to get the “big lips”-look.

My first impression as a true make up connoisseur?
The packaging is simple yet lovely and unique with the drops dripping down along the sides of the gloss.
The scent felt very young, sweet vanilla, something that brings my mind to those clear glosses you use to wear when you were 13-15 years old.
I read through the ingredients list carefully and it does not have any special nutrients/moisturizing benefits (I assume the main focus of Kylies products are the colors!) however, the my lips did not get dry after using the gloss! Which is a huge plus since most glosses tends to dry out the lips, especially if you also use lip liners.
My H♥ always say how dry my lips get after using lots of lip products/liners (lol!!) so that this gloss is not drying out the lips is perfect.
The brush however was a disappointment…
As I have tried cosmetics professionally for the last 10 years as one of the oldest beauty bloggers, I have tried everything from glosses that literally costs nothing to super expensive glosses nobody but the absolute pickiest would spend their money on. And I think the only time I have came across such a bad and crooked lip gloss brush was when I bought a lipgloss from H&M about 10 years ago.
Let me just clarify the production of cosmetics packaging have evolved since then, today it is simply and cheap to source better packaging. Especially if it costs 18$ per gloss.
I could not apply the gloss smoothly with the brush that came with the lipgloss, instead I used a separate lip gloss pencil from Real Techniques.
I read that Kylie would change the lip gloss brushes to a shorter version I don’t think the length would make any difference as it is the actual brush that is the problem. I have emailed their customers service to see if they will compensate this or not, will update when I get a reply.
I do hope they send out new glosses to the people that got faulty brushes since I want to use this product on a daily basis in the future!

kylie jenner kylie cosmetics lip glosses literally so cute

Now to the color…
The texture and coverage reminds me of the Swedish product Idominsalva (haha yes you read correctly!). For you forgein dolls, it is a thick white cream that you bascially anywhere on your body to moist up and it is very, very white. It will make anything you apply it too look very, very white.
So yes, the coverage looks like nude tinted idominsalva. It really does cover up!
It looks super cool but not very natural. For a red carpet event or photo shoot? HELL YES!
For a day at work or a date with the BF? Not sure… It all depends on how glam you want to go and foremost, how glam you are comfortable of rocking.
As 10 years of being involved in the beauty industry, I want my recives to go out both to those who are as intrested as I am in beauty but I more importantly want to cater to those less intrested that wants to look natural.

So my conclusion
Kylie has done tremendously well with the lip products and I applaud her for it, her packaging it unique and the lip kits are iconic (I am still hoping to get my hands on Koko K and Dolce K).
But if she was just a normal beauty interest girl or beauty blogger, would anybody buy this again?
Probably not when the brush looked like this, at least not for this price.

So I keep in mind writing this review that it is made by Kylie Jenner hence the brand effect of that is worth a bit of the hefty price tag.
I love the full on glam looks so I will def have lots of opportunists to rock this gloss called So Cute. If you manage to get online to the website and the right time, then for sure, buy a gloss as a fun thing and wear it during evening time if you are not sure how to rock this look during the day.
If you want to spend you money on a quality lip product with perfection applicator and don’t care that it is made by Kylie, well then no, don’t spend money of this.

Also stay tuned for more photos and also my review of the other color, coming tonight! Xx Louise

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  1. Kristin
    27/04/2016 / 09:51

    Är detta gloss vattenfast? Annars undrar jag om du vet något som är vattenfast och i denna ljusa färg, som inte ska dra för mycket åt brun eller orange…utan ganska likt detta i färgen.

  2. Emma
    01/05/2016 / 09:28

    från vilken sida har du beställt? Vill också prova! :)

    • Louise Adolphson
      06/05/2016 / 11:33

      Emma: beställde från, Kylies egna webshop! Hon skriver ut infon om när hon gör restocks på sin app men det gäller att vara inne på sidan exakt de klockslaget som det släpps för inom ca 5 min är allt slutsålt, helt galet! Jag satt i en halvtimma innan hon skulle släppa läppglansen och bara väntade och laddade om sidan haha!
      Kram Louise

  3. Sara
    12/08/2016 / 05:30


    I loved your article. Could you take a look at the packaging and tell me if there is Carmine (CI75470) added to the Kylie lipglosses? It would be amazing if you’d do that!

    Kind regards


    • Louise Adolphson
      12/08/2016 / 08:21

      Sara: Hi! I did not find carmine in the glosses or lipkits. Maybe carmine would be in the metallic lip kits which I dont have! :)

  4. johanne
    05/10/2016 / 12:14

    What lipliner do you have on? So beautiful! :)

    • Louise Adolphson
      05/10/2016 / 08:04

      I’m wearing Sephoras lipliner in “pink beige”. It matches my natural lip color very well so it is perfect for a bit of overdrawing the lips ;) xx Louise

  5. Anne-Marie
    05/10/2016 / 06:01

    What is the lasting power for these lip glosses?

    Thanks! x

    • Louise Adolphson
      05/10/2016 / 08:02

      I would say they are better than the average lipgloss since the pigment is so strong. However they are VERY glossy so one kiss and the boyfriend is wearing most of the lipgloss haha! XX Louise

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