kyliecosmetics lipkit dupesHi dolls!
The first part of my dupes special is finally here, it’s going to be fun to share with you all the dupes I stumble upon here and there! I promised this post months ago, I know I know, but sadly other things have gotten in the way, more about that some other time. Also I hope my Swedish readers don’t mind my English, I’m still working on getting the same feeling as I did when I wrote in Swedish and I think I am well on my way of getting there. Anyway time for the reviews and as you all know I hate reading short reviews.
If I wanted to read a short review I would read the description on the package lol!

Kylie Cosmetics Lipgloss in color So Cute vs L’oréal La Palette Nudes in the lightest shade

Pigmentation / Color – The colors are extremely similar, the So Cute color just got a little touch more of white/cool undertone than the L’oréal Palette.

Texture & Application
The Palette is a creamy texture that warms up to a glossy texture as soon as it touches the lips and gets heated up by the body heat, so it looks much more glossy once applied to the lips (or on the skin as the photo above) while it looks more matte in the package.
The So Cute gloss is very liquid and gives a lot of coverage but it’s harder to get it even since it easily gets very streaky. So you need to apply several layers and really “work” the product to get it smooth, while the L’oréal formula is more smooth, creamy and easier to work with.

I love the L’oréal type of palette packaging because it’s so much more hygienic than a tube. If you for example got a cold you just swab some product up with a q-tip (tops) on the back of your hand and apply with a lip brush, which you can clean with antibacterial spray afterwards.
While a tube is kinda ruined if you got a cold. It actually happened to me so many times I can’t count it, because once you used a make up product when you have a cold always toss it away since you can otherwise reinfect yourself.

I prefer the L’oréal one because it’s most subtle while Kylie Cosmetics glosses smells like those lipsticks you worn when you were like 13, smells like vanilla candy in other words.

Longevity – How long it lasts
Both products are pretty equal when it comes to this. In other words if you can drink everything with a straw and not touch your lips both product will last a few hours. However if you drink from a glass or a cup you will see a lot of product residue on the glass. I did noticed that the L’oréal creamy texture left a little bit more tint left on the lips after drinking from a glass so it lasted a bit better.

The L’oréal – 229 SEK or 19.99 USD
Kylie Cosmetics – 15USD
However, there is another shade in this L’oréal palette that is absolutely identical to Kylie Cosmetics other gloss (will show that in a different post. Meaning that if you buy the L’oréal palette you get two dupes for the price of one product, instead of buying KylieCosmetics lipglosses from the U.S and having the pay extra charges in customs (unless you are living in the U.S ofc).

kyliecosmetics dupes


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  1. 25/06/2017 / 09:14

    Colors are so similar! Thanks for sharing!

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