Kim Kardashian For Vogue Australia

Kim Kardashian just got her first solo cover for Vogue Australia’s February issue. I am sure Kim is very happy about this and it shows what a journey she’s made from a few years ago. The only thing is, before her fans could relate to her more when she was actually on her tv show, not it is just her family most of the time. Now she is just as distance as all the other a-list actors and singers. She says in the interview she wish she could have more privacy.  Which is kind of ironic since the only reason she is famous is because the exposure of her and her  families life on TV. If she becomes private what will she do? There is only so many endorsements and clothing collection she can do without her fans getting bored not to see her on the show anymore. If her fans can’t relate to her anymore because she has chosen to be more private on the show, who will want to buy her products or play her Iphone add game in the end? Personally I use to love the show but the last seasons have been so boring that I won’t watch it unless I am very, very bored.

However I really like Kim’s two latest outfits she wore in New York. First time in months I have seen her in a really nice and elegant outfit.




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