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I’m literally feeling like a little kid just waiting for the winter to come back to Stockholm and the snow will start falling down again. I just loooove with it snows and when it is lots of snow outside because it just lights up the streets and the sky looks so much brighter. So beautiful! And if you have not experienced this you need to book a trip to Scandinavia or Iceland in the winter because everyone needs to experience this!
winter outfit inspiration
Things I can’t live without in the winter
♥ Ugg boots – I literally couldnt care less if it’s trendy or not. All I care about are what they are warm and fluffy on the inside (like all the Ugg haters personalities could be more like lol!!) and I have no desire in life to be “fashion”…
♥ Chai lattes & Hot chocolate – Yeah lots of chai lattes are essential and so are hot cocoa with whipped cream.
♥ Fur jackets – Can’t get enough!
♥ Leggings – The key here is to only buy really thick leggings so you can wear them as pants. These are much more flattering and curve hugging than jeans. My fave ones are actually from Zara (wearing them on this photo) and I got about 10 pairs in grey, black and dark blue.
♥ Harry Potter – Love watching Harry potter around Christmas time and I’m dying to watch the new JK Rowling movie. All Harry Potter haters can just twirl away from this blog hahaha!
♥ Smokey eyes – I can’t stand smokey eyes in the spring and summer, it is just too harsh, but oh in the winter it looks so chic!
♥ Buying new knitwear – I love shopping for cute cardigans and tops and currently I’m on the hunt for a oversized long chunky cardigan!
♥ Learning to cook new dishes – Cooking is one of my biggest hobbies so every winter I want to learn a few new dishes and become a real pro at cooking them, chef style!
I consider it a key skill in life to at least have 5-15 different dishes you can make really well.
♥ Going out for drinks – I know this might sound obvious but it something extra magical about the feeling around town during December. Everyone seems maybe a bit more cheerful which makes it a lot more fun to go out and socialize. Especially for me that’s become a real homebody.

What’s your winter essentials? I would love to hear and get inspired!
winter outfit inspiration


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