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Ferris Rafauli, aka, The golden boy of luxury interior design, aka Drakes interior designer (click here to watch his home tour on youtube) and decorator to the uber wealthy clients.
His style is very American (specially northern America) and on the boarder line of screaming wealth just a bit much, but he never crossed that line where you think “oh dear not even if I was rich I would do this”…
He often refers to it on his social media as Luxury Living and well, I think we all can agree to that.
This is as far away from Scandinavian chic minimalism as you can imagine. You can read more about him in this article if you’d like.
I love looking at this photos and just dreaming away.
His taste of choosing only cool and neutral color palettes to work with gives every single room a sense of ultimate luxury.

This photo is my absolute fave.. It’s a mega mansion that he designed overlooking Lake Ontario and it gives me the vibe of Dynasty. You know the new amazing series on netflix!? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to watch it!
Kitchen with calcatta marble and some brass details, this is the only Scandinavian vibe out of all the things he decorated.


gallery-golden-boy-ferris-rafauli1     Rafauli-Toronto-House-Tour_01Ferris Rafauli 2 Ferris Rafauli   gallery-golden-boy-ferris-rafauli-7  b5465bbdd71748e19ab4795904303ddb Ferris Rafauli



  1. 31/01/2018 / 07:49

    This deco is amazing and so luxury!

    • Louise Adolphson
      31/01/2018 / 06:13

      Yeah one can always dream to live like this ;) xx Louise

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