now baby come on
you think that love could never let me fear
i should have known
that you brought nothing real

come on be a man about it
you wont die
i aint got no more tears to cry
and i cant take this no more
no i gotta let it go
and you know..

im outta love
set me free
and let me out (of) this misery
you show'd me the way
to get my life again
cuz you can't handle me
said im outta love,
cant you see?
baby that you gotta set me free
im outta love

said how many times have i tried to turn this love around
but every time you've just let me down

come on be a man about it
you'll survive
true that you can work it out alright
now just tell me
did you know
i'd be the one to let you go
and you know


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