model-co-how-to-self-tan-your-backModelCo Self-Tan Back Applicator 90SEK/9£

I would say my biggest self tan struggle throughout the years has been how to get the self tan on my back. When I was younger I could always ask my mum for a helping hand our sometimes force a girlfriend to help me out (haha!!), I had a few girlfriends that’s been real trupers with this (London girls sure do take self tanning to a new level) so that’s amazing. But sometimes, and to face it, most of the time we are alone and can’t ask someone to help us.
So what to do when one wants to look fab for the weekend!?
I was curious when I started seeing these self tanning garments to apply it to your back. I ordered this one to give it a go.

- Works with both mousse, lotion and cremes. It can even help to apply the self tan with this product if the consicteny of the cream is very thick and hard to get it even.
- Easy to hand wash, just rise it with warm water after every applications
- Good price

- This is not fool proof, it is very difficult to get the product even just along the spine, because the back goes slightlhy inwards just in the middle and even if you try and bend over and push your shoulders together you can end up with uneven spots.
I guess this also depends on how your back is shaped, so this is very individual!

To summarize, good enough to use if you using a top or dress showing the shoulders. Not good enough results if you are going with dress that’s got an open back or if you plan on showing your back to anybody *hint hint*..
But if you love self tanning then I would say yes it is worth it!






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  1. Frida
    20/11/2016 / 07:33

    sååå smart måste testa :D

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