summer glow inspo tutorial

Radiant, glowing and sunkissed skin, don’t we all want it when the weather gets warmer and days sunnier.
The key details to pay attention to getting that glowing look for summer is a combination of what you eat/drink, what products you use and how you use them. So instead of writing a long essay (like I sometimes do lol!!) I’m going to shorten it down in a list.

In the summer its curucial to step up your water intake. The recommended daily dose is 2 liter of water, however do not exceed 3 liters of fluid per day since this can thin out the blood and having other awful side effects!
Don’t overdose on caffeine
No more than 2 cups of coffee per day, instead opt to cool down with an ice latte or ice tea instead of going in on lattes.
Cut down on sugar
To be honest, speaking from a recovring sugar addict, life is better without lots of candy, sweets, cakes and dessert every day and your skin will thank you as well. It is proven that eating less sugar is better for your skin, it will prevent wrinkles and if you already have wrinkles cutting down on sugar can help minimize then!
Become a vegetarian or at least try and eat more plant based foods
Eating a lot of veggies and fruits is so good for both your body, skin and mind! So try and eat as much plant based options as you can, these days vegetarian food does not have to be boring :))
Use oils
As I’ve dived deeper into the world of cosmetics and their ingredients I’ve realised how much harmful stuff is actually in the majority of them. So if you want to nourish your skin, get that radiant glow for summer and still treat your skin to only safe products, oils and serums is the way to go!

productsTo get the glowing looks above you will need;
- A light moisturizer or facial oil (or both!)
- Facial self tanning lotion (if you are pale like me)
- Light bb cream or tinted moisturizer
- Two beauty blenders, one for the base and one for the highlighter
- Cream based highlighter
- Brow pen with spooler on one side to brush the brows
- Neutral colored shimmer eye shadows. Opt for cream based eyeshadow if you want that extra dewy, glowing look.
- Eyelash curler and a very natural mascara (no clumpy or big lashes for this look)
- Bronzing cream with light shimmer or dark contouring cream for bronzing effect (avoid loose powder ones it can look too heavy)
- Nude lip liner + nude/pink shimmering sheer lipgloss

how to applyPrep your skin weekly with a gentle scrub, facial mask and use facial oils regularly. I love using Dr Organic Facial Argan oil on my entire face and neck. Apply face self tan at least once a week if you are pale like me but want to avoid the sun!

The best thing about facial oils is even if you don’t want to use it over your entire face before make up, try applying it over the areas where you tend to get extra dry and fine lines may appear. This will prevent the bb cream from drying out your skin during a sunny day.

Moving on to the make up application, start with prepping the skin with moisturize and/or facial oil.
Let it dry for just a few minutes and move on to bb cream. I would recommend a light and airy bb cream that is not sticky, matte or high coverage. Apply a little bit at a time dabbing in the product with a wet beauty blender, you want a very light finish hence it’s better to not smear on all the product at once.
Avoid brushes since bb cream and tinted moisturizers tend to look streaky if applied with a brush!

When the base is finish apply the cream eyeshadow with your fingers or a small beauty blender for a flawless finish. If you are using a regular pressed or baked eyeshadow stick to just three tones, one for the eye lid, one for the area above the eye lid and in the corners and a third color that is bright and extra shimmering underneath your brows and in the inner corner of the eyes. Make sure you use a big and fluffy eye shadow brush to get a perfect blended finish!
I also like to do the brows when I’m done with my eye make up. I prefer to clean up the brows by gently using a wet q-tip along the brows to remove any excess eye shadow that might have been dusted onto the brows while applying the eye make up. Then when I’m done with that I move onto filling in the brows.
By the time you are done with your eye make up the base will have set so it’s time for the bronzing bit.
Apply a creamy bronzer or contouring cream just as your would apply a bronzing powder. Do not go overboard with the contouring here, just apply a bit along the jawline, underneath the cheekbones and on the sides of your forehead, think bronzing not contouring! Apply the lip products and then the last step is to apply the creamy highlighter in all areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. On top of your lips, along the middle part of your nose, above your eyebrows, cheekbones etc etc.

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  1. Felicia
    31/05/2017 / 10:13

    åh saknat dina skönhetsinlägg <3

  2. Nickis
    01/06/2017 / 08:14

    Har du tips på bra flytande highlighter + ögonskuggor??

  3. malin
    02/06/2017 / 12:03

    du får det att låta så lätt haha, jag kan knappt fixa mascara själv haha!

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