how to grow your lashes naturally

Hi dolls!
I thought I would share a few tricks and tips on how to get your own lashes to become longer. The photos above are totally make up free and I wanted to show you how my lashes looks right now after about 3 months of wearing make up a lot less and going mascara free for a whole month. Okay I wore it once in 1 month but that’s it! I never thought I would pull that off and it wasn’t planned at all.
The results would have looked even better if I had tinted my lashes darker before taking the photo and also brushed by brows (I forgot about those lol!!) but oh well this photo will do for now! I also wanted to clearly show this was make up free so I didnt cover up my veins that shows because I’m so fair skinned. This is one of the reasons I usually wear eyeshadow primer, it’s great to cover up any veins. And yes you can see my veins in other parts of my face as well when I’m not wearing make up unless I get a dark self tan.

During this month I also refrained from all heavy eye make up and just curled my lashes a few times.
When you think about it, how much doesn’t curling, applying layers of mascara and then rubbing it off with wipes and cotton pads every night tear and ruin your lashes? A whole lot I would say!
I didn’t realise how much wearing make up on a daily basis affect not only my lashes but also my brows (!) and obviously my skin. I’ve written about my skin detox here (link) before and when I stop wearing foundation for a few days my skin starts to clear up.
I looove long lashes and I know growing them out without using any lash growing serums and just taking a short cut and get lash extensions done, can feel like an eternity but it’s worth it if you like going make up free.
Here (link) you can read my best tips on how to look stunning without any make up!

A few years ago I used an awful eyelash serum called Revitalash, this was before everyone knew it was dangerous to use lash growth serum and that it contained a harsh ingredients with lots of scary side effects.
It was first after using it for years that I started to notice that my eyes got more dry and sensitive towards make up. I stopped using the serum and then about a year later it was official, these serums were dangerous.
It even looked like my eye color got darker which was later explained to be one of the side effect.
So I will never ever use lash growth serums again, regardless if they removed the harmful ingredients I won’t take any more chances and I’m sticking with the natural ways now <3

how to grow your lashes longer

So what else did I do apart from refraining from mascara and removing eye make up?
I used coconut oil around my eye area every evening. While sleeping the coconut was usually spread out all over my face due to the fact that coconut oil melts when it gets heated by the body heat. So it moisturized my lashes really well. I have also heard from the blogger SoniaFyza that she mixed almond oil with castor oil together and applied with an eyeliner pencil above her upper lash line every night and her lashes became sooo long. But she is middle eastern and those lucky ladies from the middle east are known to have amazing lash-genes!
So my next home project (haha!) is to try Sonia’s oil trick and see if it works for me as well.
I will of course update you dolls on how it’s going once I started. Xx Louise


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  1. Rebecca
    09/02/2017 / 06:40

    Har också varit utan mascara mycket de senaste månaderna och mina fransar är mycket längre nu! Använde Revitalash innan den förbjöds och vet inte om jag inbillade mig att ögonen blev mörkare…läskigt var det iaf.

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