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I know this may some very strange, odd or straight out crazy coming from a beauty blogger, but, I’m going to share my number one tip on how to get better skin, AKA the Louise Skin Detox!

So last year a lot of things happened to me that make my body go into major stress mode, my skin became more sensitive towards new products, making it very hard for me to review products like I use to before. During the last 10 years (at least the majority of them ) I have been trying LOADS AND LOADS of products to be able to give you dolls the best advice. At first I started trying lots of different foundation to cover up the blemishes, I started feel uncomfortable without make up but then.
But after years of being a guinea pig for make up, I had to go back to my own old beauty advice (I wrote about this back in 2009/2010 fyi).

So what did I do..?

I decided, NO MORE make up or beauty products!!
I started wearing less and less make up and then a month ago I cut out everything! I am talking no creams, no moisturizers and no make up!
I only used make up during this month maybe one time per week and then I applied moisturizer before the make up and of course cleansed my face properly after.

This may be the opposite of what many companies or salons say to try and sell products for their own beneficial reasons. But this works like a charm!
To let your skin breath, not clog it up with make up to then irritate it with cleanser and lots of creams can do you so well.
Your skin produces oil naturally so moisturizer is not always needed and if your skin starts feeling greasy.
You swipe your face with a water soaked cotton pad and it instantly feels less oily. I know this is a challenge, but I promise you this will work towards getting your skin clearer and dramatically prevent break outs and blemishes.

If you think about it, it’s very natural that you end up in a negative cycle if you have bad skin.
You want to cover it up more so you apply more and more make up, but the more make up apply the more strong cleanser you need to use, the strong cleanser then dries out your skin making you clog it up even more with moisturizer that are to heavy for your skin type. And you need to break this cycle!

I would really recommend doing this in the summer as it is natural to wear less make up in the summer,
blemishes heals better with a bit of sunlight, a light tan will disguise that you are not wearing make up and it’s not as and cold and dry in the air as during in the winter.

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A few other tips to boost your skin during a make up detox

Silky feel - Invest in silk pillows and change them at least once a week. Sleeping on silk is better both
for your skin and hair as it causes less friction and prevents hair loss and break outs.
The old classic - drink more water and skip alcohol
No more smoking - I stopped smoking exactly 5 years ago (can’t belive I use to smoke a pack a day….) and I am sooo happy about it. You can do it, just stop and you will thank yourself forever!
Cut down on sugar - This actually works on both for reducing wrinkles and cellulite. Unfortunately I’m rubbish at eating less sugar but in from time to time I do amazing and go months without sugar. Now however I’m in a real slacking mode and eating sweets almost every day. However I did notice less dry lines and cellulite while I tried to cut off sugar competently.

So dolls, give this a go and I promise you will not be disappointed. I know this can be extremely hard in the beginning, both at work or in front of your BF.
But remember, your colleagues do not have to approve of your looks and your BF is suppose to like you the way you are, if he doesn’t dump him immediately ;)
In the future, I will be more like I use to be before and wear make up only 2-4 days a week and no more than that!

lots of love louise




  1. Sanna 12/07/2016 / 09:23

    Hej hej. Har du något tips på en bra inpackning? :)

    • Louise Adolphson 14/07/2016 / 04:07

      Sanna: Jag älskar Dr Organic maroccan oil treatment och redken soft blonde inpackningen :) kram Louise

  2. Nikki 12/07/2016 / 11:19

    Du är så himla vacker Louise! Passar bäst när du är blek :)

  3. MOLLY 12/07/2016 / 03:44

    Jag har periodvis haft sjukt dålig hy :( vågar aldrig visa mig för killen utan smink känner mig så ful!!
    jag vill testa detta men vet som du skriver inte hur man ska börja eller våga :(

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