Base: Back in the limo – Glitter coat: Essie LuxEffects “Rock on Top” - Top Coat: Essie Super Duper

I personally love glitter and gold all year around, but for those of you that likes to play it a bit safe when it comes to nailpolish, Christmas and NYE is the time to go all out with the glitter! The latest nailpolishes in Essies winter collection includeds two stunning glitter colours called LuxEffects. Actually it is a clear polish with both big and small flakes of glitter mix into it.

I prefer to apply it over lighter colours like pink, peach or nude/beige. The combination of a light coloured base and glitter on top will make the nails really stand out. They look chic and elegant but still with a lot of sparkle. I tend to think that dark colours + glitter can look a bit heavy and I would not want to wear that during day time. And as we all know glitter nailpolish is a nightmare to take off, so it is best to pick a combo that you can go with for a few days.

One thing I noticed as well is that my gel manicure lasts longer when I apply this glitter polish over it and it is perfect to conceal the gap that appears when the nail underneath starts to show. I also apply 2-4 thin layers of Essies amazhing top coat “Super Duper”. Best top coat I tried to far!


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