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Lately I’ve been thinking if I should change my hair color. I’m naturally dark blonde and after almost 7 years as a light blonde I’m getting so annoyed that I need to highlight my hair so often in order for it to look perfect, even though I don’t even have dark roots it annoys me when my natural hair color (which is about 1-2 shades darker) grows out. I love the light blonde look but the past few weeks when I let my natural hair grow out a few cm I started thinking maybe I should make my hair dark blonde/light brown instead and with blonde highlights, it might look really nice and I wouldn’t have to worry about any darker roots. But I’m also a bit afraid of the change because I know it’s literally the worst to bleach a long hair back to blonde in case I change my mind. I love the color on the left but maybe one needs to be tanned to pull of that look.
What do you dolls think of the hair colors above? Xoxo Louise


  1. Rebecca
    19/04/2017 / 03:01

    Jag tycker att hon till vänster ser ganska märklig ut i sin superbränna…så du behöver nog inte oroa dig :-) Men tror du skulle vara jättefin i lite mörkare hår!

  2. Hannah
    19/04/2017 / 11:13

    Du var så snygg förr när du var brunette så jaaa!!du är såklart inte ful i blont heller men brunt stod ut mer i mängden :))

  3. Justine
    19/04/2017 / 02:48

    I personally think you look amazing in blonde. Don’t think you should change it as you say it’s a nightmare going lighter again
    /Love J

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