gucci disco bag beige pink copy

Hello lover!

I just love the Gucci disco bag in pink/beige, it looks so effortlessly chic and gorgeous. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive about is the leather strap, it would have been more luxurrious with a metal chain in gold. I guess the price would have been more though. I like that it is quite “affordable” for a designer bag.
Gucci have really made a comeback into the fashion world this passed year. At one point Gucci felt so outdated and all you could think about was the horrendous logos splattered all over the bags and those belts that you just want to hide in the darkest corner of your closet (I am guilty of having one of those belts as well lol!)

But now Gucci feels modern and chic again, even though some of their print bags have made their ways to the arms of fashionistas all over the world. I bow down for Gucci creative team! I do live for good come backs…
Xx Louise


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