This is the eye make up I posted earlier today, but I thought I would show the full make up as well. I decided to skip the contouring since I lost a bit of weight and my cheekbones are already a lot more visibel. Personally I do not like to combine contouring with heavy eye make up, with my bone structure it can look like too much make up. But if you have a more oval or round face, contouring can of course be combined with heavy eye make up and still look gorgeous! This is just very individual, when I do contouring I like to have a soft eye make up and perhaps so extra long lashes.

I used Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation and I mixed two colours together to get the perfect shade, bare ivory and bare beige. Instead of bronzing powder I used Une BB cream bronzer in the shade S05. On the lips I’ve used Clarins Instant Light lipgloss in the colour rose shimmer.


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