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On wednesday I’m going to my hairdresser Sofia at Ljusberg Olsson to get my hair done, finally! It has been way to long since last time I did some serious highlights and it’s time to get blonder again. The photo above I think my hair was perfect color and lenght. But since my hair started getting a bit thin and “worn out” towards the edges during last spring I cut it once last winter and also again this fall, I think it total we might have cut of 2 dm (!!!!!)
I only recommend yearly hair cuts and not too often otherwise it will be impossible to grow out your hair.
I need to repost my big hair care guide but translated to english so all of you dolls can take part of my tips and trick on how to get long and healthy hair.
Now I’m in the process of growing out my hair again, it is still long but I want it super long again as the photo above.

Btw all my readers gets 20% off all treatments (except extensions) at Sofia right now.
So don’t miss out to book an appointment if you want to get ready for spring xx Louiseljusberg-olsson-hair-done



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