fur jacketHi babes! Now when the weather is getting sooo cold my mind wanders to things like this. Regardless if it is new, recycled or fake fur it is such a stylish and warm choice for winter. I have 3 jackets and a vest right now but I def want to make my collection a lot bigger. I use to have one black short fur jacket and a white one but I used them too much and had to throw them away, so right now I really want to get a shorter fur jacket for evenings.
I am also thinking of selling a almost brand new black longer fur jacket what I had since it is too big for me. I will put the add up here on the blog if I decided to do so and of course it will be sold for cheaper than retail price :)

day mikkelsen furI spotted this one at Day Mikkelsen at Copenhagens airport, I mean how gorgeous is this jacket!? Major cravings…

yves salomon fur jacket harrodsI am still thinking about this jacket from Harrods… From Yves Salomon.

yves salomon fur jacket harrodsAmazing beige/nude fur cape!



  1. 25/11/2015 / 08:13

    You are so beautiful, love

  2. Louise
    29/11/2015 / 10:46

    Hej Louise,
    Jag är super intresserad om det är den pälskappan som jag tror att det är, den från style butler?
    Hör gärna av dig till min mail.

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