jet set stylish swag fashion ootdI think we all need a bit of outfit inspiraton from time to time, especially in the summer when it is more difficult to dress chic and elegantly. I prefer fall and winter clothes much more than summer clothes. So I personally struggle when I try to put together chic summer outfits. This could also be because I live in countries that have cold weather most of the year so I invest maybe 80% of my shopping money on fall and winter clothes and tend to forget about the summer season. And I can’t be alone to feel this way, so I thought a bit of outfit inspiration here on the blog is needed :D

flared pants bootcut jeans11
Flare jeans and pants are really the way to go this season and this is a simple way to dress up and make office wear more fun.

This is such a cute look. Combine a maxi skirt with a crop top and pair of strappy heels and you got yourself a relaxed yet dressed up outfit. Works both during the day and for dinners when you are on holiday. I would love to wear this going to a rooftop bar or a beachclub on a warm sunny day.

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd3
A couple of years ago (2010-2011) I almost only wore this type of skirts. I was in a phase when I never ever wore pants, I literally collected this type of skirts so they are very dear to my heart. Last few years I have been in a “pants phase”, but when I see this gorgeous outfit I know I have to wear more pretty skirt this summer. I also love to match cute girly skirts with a more monocrome looking leather jacket, it’s a great combo!

 jet set stylish swag fashion ootd8
Want to look well dressed but still relaxed like your on holiday? Then match a pair of chic office wear trousers with a pair of luxurious sandals and throw on a cute blouse.

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd10
Going on a hot date? Then this type of outfit is the perfect choice. Most men loves when women wears jeans, even though a lot of women think they only like short or sexy dresses. A pair of white jeans, cute (not too high) heels and top and jacket in some feminine colours (light pink/beige/peach etc) are the perfect way to go when you want to look cute, sexy but still sofisticated and not overdressed on your date. Instead of wearing over the top dresses, put the focus on your hair and make up ;)

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd2
Maxi skirt, simple spaghetti strap top and a pair of sandals and you are good to go.

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd6
A pair of black pants combined with a tweed jacket and a pair of high heels are perfect when you are going for after work drinks and dinner.

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd4
A long sleeved lace dress is the perfect option when you want to look sexy but still not show too much skin, lace makes it look likes you are wearing much more clothes than you actually are. And also it is so flattering.

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd5
This outfit is sooo me. I love the high chunky heels, the gorgeous peachy and nude colours, the long sleeved top combined with the short skirt. I am officially obsessed with this outfit and will probably spend the rest of my evening looking for similar clothes lol!

jet set stylish swag fashion ootd1
When you want to feel like a princess regardless of where you are ;)


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  1. Camilla
    28/05/2015 / 10:00

    Alltså kommenterar typ aldrig (förlåt…) men jag fullkomligt ääälskar detta inlägg! Så himla unikt, witty och användbart. Superbra, tack fina du!

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