beige inspiration celine store fashionistaHi babes!
Hope you all had a lovely day. I’m trying to keep the blog up to date as much as possible but I’m also working with a few other creative outlets at the moment so sometime you just need to channel the creativity.
I’m starting to feel much more inspired again now when it is finally autumn again.
Autumn is my fave season and I just love when it gets darker earlier in the day, it starts getting a bit chilly outside, it rains more, the moon gets brighter as the sky gets darker, cosy evenings at home cooking, watching movies and drinking tea, baking cinnamon buns, wearing cosy knitwear and UGGs (YES I’m still gonna slay wearing them and you should to!), long walks in the afternoon watching the trees change color to orange and red, the warm light just before sunset, chic trenchcoats, staying home without feel any need to leave the house for the rest of the day, nude/beige colored outfits mixed with black and taupe, fall/autumn make up (Time for contour and smokey eyes again!!), hot chocolate and pumpkin latte.

I hope you got a little bit excited reading this? If yes then good!! Because this week my big autumn inspiration post is coming. I wanted to wait until it really felt like fall and now it is almost October so it is the perfect timing.
Xx Louise

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