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Hi babes!

I’m so ready for fall now, for once of you that are new to my blog fall is my favorite season and every year I do my traditional autumn/fall inspo posts. You can find my old ones here, here, here, here and here <3
It is one of my favorite blog posts to create and I just love, love, love to inspire others to cherish the fall.
So many people only complain that the summer is over, darkness is coming and everybody gets depressed.
And I’m over here like heeey I love fall, bring on the darkness and wohooo the rain is coming hahaha!

I’m literally the total opposite of most swedes. I get kinda depressed in the summer I don’t know why but I feel the pressure that I need to be out all the time because Sweden only get about 2 summer months a year and it this constant pressure to be out, doing things, barbecues, parties, summer activities and I just freak out because I feel I can’t keep up with all this. And everybody is trying to up each other here with who’s going on the most holidays, and i’m thinking to myself, why on earth are people in Scandinavia going on holiday during the only few warm and nice months we have here!?!?
These are the months to stay in Sweden, enjoy the weather and then in the winter when it is cold af you go on a nice holiday.

I guess my mentality is very different from the typical swede and probably why I felt so at home in London. But now I’m back in Stockholm and it’s been a progess to get use to the vibe that they have here.

Btw I ‘m so curious do I have any readers from Stockholm here on my blog??

Anyways dolls, stay tuned for my MAJOR fall/autumn inspo posts with lots of fun what to do when the darkness kicks in and those rainy days!







  1. Johanna
    15/08/2016 / 10:57

    Haha exakt! Känns som alla bara stressar o måste visa upp allt dom hinner göra på sin semester att man blir ju själv stressad av det. Får typ sluta kolla instagram.. Tycker faktiskt också det är härligt med höst o ha fina kappor o stövlar :D e oxå från Stockholm

  2. Nikki
    17/08/2016 / 09:31

    Bor i Stockholm :)

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