eyes wide shut

Hi dolls,
It feels so strange to log onto here after the longest break I have ever taken from blogging. I’ve been blogging ever since I was 16 years old, when my blog was at its biggest point with over 400 000 readers per month I was updating several times per day and my whole life was pretty much around my blog.
I started my first personal blog called Louise A back in 2005 when I was only 15 years old, I blogged about my life but quickly realized sharing personal stories, not my forte…
So the following year I started RightNow. This was before any of the big blogs today were even thought of and for many years I was the only big beauty blogger in Sweden and it was an amazing experience. During these 12 years in beauty blogging I have learned an enormous amount about the beauty industry, everything from products safety and the health regulations to ingredients, production, brands and marketing.
I would with confidence say there is not a blogger in Sweden that have the kind of knowledge or experience that I have when it comes to beauty products. Today bloggers accept any marketing deals throw at them for money, not knowing what the brands stands for, if the products are safe or how the customer experience will be for the blog readers.
I was so young when I started blogging and when my blog became so big, I didnt really know how to manage it all and I did not have the experience about product safety as I have today.
So even thought my blog might not be what it use to be, I still feel there are certain things I just need to share and spread awareness about. It might not be updated as often (sadly) as the glory day (that’s meant as a joke hehe) but health problems and the things that causes them is something that is very real and raw to me.

So over the next few weeks I will be sharing blog posts about products that contain cancerous ingredients, one of Sweden’s biggest pharmacies that sell cancer causing products, other scary things related to health problems and injuries, the dangerous ingredients in the food we find at the grocery store, and some other dark sides of the beauty industry and blog world.
These blog posts will most likely entail information that other bloggers won’t tell you because they are afraid of loosing a marketing deal or getting invited to an event. What has driven me to update this blog for 12 years was never the fancy things most bloggers are chasing, my drive was always to inspire, both the readers but also myself.
I feel it is somewhat my responsibility to share what I can know in order to guide people on what to avoid and what to chooses when it comes to make up but also so much more ♥




  1. Dani
    26/09/2017 / 03:38

    Love it!

  2. Anna
    27/09/2017 / 12:13

    Väntar med spänning!

  3. ida
    06/10/2017 / 10:45

    låter spännande, tack!

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