make up for green eyes purple eye make up green eyes tutorialGreen eyes is the most rare color in the world, it is about 1-2% of the world population that’s got green eyes. So the make up selection for this eye color is not great, there are loads of palettes stating to be made for brown or blue eyes but green seems to be missin everywhere.

Hence I wanted to do a little guide on what colors to use to make greens eyes sparkle a bit extra.
Natural color that suits green eyes for everyday use are nudes, think beige, soft brown and taupe.
For evenings and parties purple is the most outstanding color combination with green eyes. Purple makes green eyes stand out like nothing else, especially if it is a eyeshadow with shimmer.
Grey is also amazing, instead of using brown or black while doing a smokey eye make up, try different shimmery tones of grey and your eyes will just pop!

I love to mix purple shadows together with bronze, which I have done in these photos. You can hint that it is a bit of purple in the make up but it’s not too obvious.
I took these photo infront of a mirror with very harsh and bright lights around it, which gave it a kinda cool effect and you can really see all the colours properly as well as my contouring!

make up for green eyes purple eye make up green eyes tutorialI used this palette and this one to create this look. Xx Louise


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  1. nadine
    10/01/2016 / 01:46

    Sluta aldrig skriva! Du är fortfarande den bloggaren jag inspireras av.
    Btw, kan du inte ha frågestund snart?

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