Loreal la nude palette rose reviewOkay so every make up brand is currently launching nude palettes a la urban decay. And I am loving it *Happy purple devil emoji*. One of the latest is L’oréal La Palette Nude that comes both in classic nude color and more blushing pink tones.
I actually adore pink shimmering eye shadows and I need to get better incorporating pink (apart from lipgloss) into my make up routine. Dusty pink is definitively one of the colors of this season so a dusty pink eye make up is spot on!

I only used the shades with shimmer over the eyelid and matte color in the crease. I made sure to use a lot of eyeshadow primer before to make up pigment pop! If you skip the eyeshadow primer you won’t get any nice effect from this product to be honest. I used the second color from the left on the photo above, a classic baby pink shade, all over the eyelid. Then I put some purple shadow in the crease and eye globe and the light beige/white colors underneath the eyebrows. I combined it with a subtly winged eyeliner. I like to fade out my eyeliner in the corner to make it less dramatic, to achieve this look. Gentle dab your  beauty blenders pointy tip in a any beige concealer and dab once very lightly straight over the eyeliner. Make sure you down smudge it or move the beauty blender will doing this, just one quick dab and that’s it!

dusty pink tutorial Loreal la nude palette rose review


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  1. nadine
    17/10/2015 / 08:31

    Hej Louise, finns det någon möjlighet att du svarar på min kommentar i tidigare inlägg? Vore så himla schysst, det hade räddat en tuff vecka som nu. Tacktack.

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