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For easter dinner I made this super yummy chocolate mud cake, with a healthier twist, no dairy and gluten free. Except the candy I used for decoration, which is super unhealthy of course (lol). I had to do something to make it look more like a Easter cake haha.  So instead of butter I used coconut oil which is healthy and good for the body, which makes this cake a little more guilt free to indulged in. The recipe is super easy and it takes no more than an hour to prepare and bake the cake!

You need the following ingredients

2 large eggs or 3 small eggs, 2.5-3 dl gluten free baking mix (I used one from Semper), 1 dl of organic coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of organic cacao powder, 3 teaspoons of vanilla powder, 2.5 dl of white or brown sugar, 0,5-1 dl of white chocolate buttons, a handful of chopped milk chocolate. Why I have written for example 2.5 to 3 dl of gluten free flour mix is because when you whisk all the ingredients together you will feel the texture and if it’s too thick or not. Start with 2.5 dl and if it’s not thick and creamy enough just add a tablespoon at a time with the flour mix.

Put the oven on 175 C degrees. Mix all the dry ingredients except the chocolate in a big bowl. Then heat up the coconut oil in a frying pan. It is only suppose to melt, not boil! Mix it together with the eggs. Add the coconut oil and egg mix to the bowl with the dry ingredients and whisk carefully. When the batch is smooth, add the chopped milk chocolate and half of the white chocolate buttons. Then pour the mix into a baking pan or a baking form, sprinkle the rest of the white chocolate buttons on top. Let it bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. If the cake is still very wobbly in the middle after 15 min, let it bake for another 5 minutes. It is suppose to be a bit sticky but not too wobbly like a baked cheesecake. Let it cool before serving and decorate as you wish :)

chocolate easter cake


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  1. J
    06/04/2015 / 10:58

    Hej Louise. Jag maila dig angående GHD plattången som du har lagt in på din Bloppis sida men du kanske inte hunnit se det? Jag provar att kontakta dig här också. Har du kvar den? Vill även stämma av att det fortfarande är en oöppnad förpackning?

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