gigi hadid yeezys
A pair of Yeezy boost sneakers has become a cult classic in most celebs wardrobes, for that chic off duty look it’s their go to shoe of choice.
Unfortunately for the rest of us mortals getting our hands on a pair might either be 1. Ridiculous expensive and you need to be a millionaire to afford a pair (I mean 2000-3000$ on ebay!?!) or 2. You camp outside a store that sell the Yeezyboost sneakers before they do the next stock up. But then you also need to live in one of the big cities in the US.
Yeah sounds pretty unlikely to me as well… So the options we got here are to find affordable sneakers with some major Yeezy vibes. The easiest brand to choose from would be Adidas since they are the once that make Yeezys, Nike also got a few good options.
Below you can see my fave ones, the sole is not as nice but hey they are at least “affordable”.

yeezy vibes

ADIDAS NMD R2 PK W Sneakers 1799 SEK/180 EUROSpara








summer dresses 2016 Mischief Corset Laced Dress
How gorgeous is this dress on a scale to 1-10!? I would say a 100!! It is so chic, elegant yet it looks fun and edgy, the best of two worlds.
It is safe to say that platforms have officially made a comeback, and thank god for that! It will save a lot of lovely ladies feets all over the world from a lot of pain…
I love platforms regardless if they are wedges perfect for summer or high heeled platformed sandals like this photo. However I would stay away from the most extreme platforms, I think between 8-12 cm is the perfect height.
I feel that all heels over 11-12 cm just looks a bit tacky to be honest. It does not give off a very classy vibe to say the least.
But sometimes it can look just smashing, like the girl in the photo above. She has styled the Mischief Corset Laced dress impeccably. Now I am wishing this dress would turn up in my closet <3
summer dresses 2016 Mischief Corset Laced Dress


nude beige outfits for spring 2016

Flare pants Alberto Biani  – Balenciaga bracelet Balenciaga city bagSaint Laurent Sac De Jeur bagEtro Silk topBalmain Tshirt Balenciaga Metallic mini city bag -Rimmel nude lipstickAquzzura Sexy thing sandals

I decided to start a new type of post here on the blog, and that is my current wish list! It will be a mix of both beauty and fashion. Right now I am dyyyyying over these neutral colored Balenciaga bags!! And the nude bracelet, like come on how perfect can something be!?!


louis vuitton louise bag

Nicholas Ghenqieure has always been my favoruite bag designer and according to me one the same level as Hermes and Chanel (duh he created the stud bag for Balenciaga). He has totally reinvented the whole LV brand with his new handbag design, putting it on the map again after years in the shadows as the logo bags came to an end.

“In his discussions to join Vuitton, Ghesquière kept coming back to the house’s classics. Part of his pitch was to design a new kind of bag. “I wanted to make a clutch that would be functional for today’s woman.
It could be an evening bag or a little day bag, but one that carries the values of the brand,” says Ghesquière.
“The simplest idea was the reproduction—not the reduction—of the unique design of the iconic trunks of Vuitton.” He came up with a proposal for a miniature trunk—boxy and heavy with hardware—with a thin leather strap.”

- Nicholas on his vision while joining Louis Vuitton. Full article here.

And quite recently the genius created the most beautiful bag and named it Louise. I mean could it be more perfect!?! To say I am in love is an understatement.
louis vuitton louise bag


black friday shopping asos1. Dress – 2. Coat  - 3. Dress – 4. Dress – 5. Dress – 6. Dress

Black Friday is the best shopping invention ever! I have no idea why stores put everything on sale at this time, but I love it haha! I have been up way to late tonight looking at all the websites sales.

Use CYBER to get 20% off everything at ASOS and bf15 to get 10% extra on all the black friday sale items on Farfetch.
However I am slightly annoyed that I just spent £500 at BCBG yesterday to buy a few tops and now everything is 40%, oh well!


nude beige suede midi skirt celeb boutique house of cb kim kardashian kylie jenner

Neutrals/nudes/beige is really the color not only of the season but of the year and it is the it color here to stay. Wearing something nude/beige just gives your whole look such a elegant and trendy vibe. It is my favorite clothing color and it has been for sooo many years, also I love nude make up, nude lips, nude eyeshadow, nude nails. Nude everything haha! So I really need to fill up my wardrobe with more nude items because at the moment I have way to few.

I love this skirt from House of CB, it is so chic! Also the boots in the photo below are gorgeous. You can find them here, use the code CYBER and get 20% off now because of the black friday sale.

suede nude beige overknee boots asos