kylie cosmetics reviewsKylie Cosmetics lip liners in Koko K, Exposed, Dolce K and Candy K – Glosses in Literally, Candy K and So Cute – Liquid lipsticks in Koko K & Exposed.

Hi dolls, I hope you all had a great day!
I thought I would start to share more of my make up collection here on the blog! As well as I’m going to be doing more dupes and swatches. A couple of years ago I did not get the idea of swatches AT ALL thought it was totally pointless but now I’ve completely changed my mind. I love to look at swatch videos and photo. My faves from all the products I’ve tried from Kylie Cosmetics are without a doubt the So Cute gloss and the Koko K lip liner!

kylie cosmetics lipglosses


how to highlight glow goals bronzer real techniques chrome
Hi dolls!
This weekend I was doing a bit of exploring in my make up collection (lol!) and I found this old classic, a loose highlighting bronze powder from Glo Minerals. I decided the only way to swatch this one properly is to go all out and make it into a little art project haha! So I swatched it with a wet brush and wow wow woooow this one got a lot of pigment. I did not spare any expenses when making this swatch, go big or go home right?
To be a bit realistic what I did was I applied a lot of product towards my right side of my arm and then make it more and more sheer towards the left as you can see on the photos. I just wanted to play around and see how the product was to work with and I love it. I wish it came in more colors now!

I believe this product would work for the following looks;
1. Highlighter for dark skin, 2. a bronze J Lo look (as it looks towards the left on the photos) on tanned skin for the summer or 3. BODY highlighting for the summer.
Imagine this glow swiped along the arms, a dash on the collarbones, cleavage and maybe even legs, the ultimate JLo glow!!
Of course not with as much product as I used on this swatches because I went all in, but still just imagine that would be out of this world kind of glam!

What do you think of this glow? Xx Louise

how to highlight glow goals bronzer real techniques chrome how to highlight glow goals bronzer real techniques chrome how to highlight glow goals bronzer real techniques chrome how to highlight glow goals bronzer real techniques chrome



nuxe shimmer oil highlighterLaura Mercier foundation primer & Nuxe Huile Oil
These two mini products are perfectly sized to have in your purse during the spring/summer or while traveling, minis for the win!

Hi babes!
Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was very quite as my health is not the best right now and I tried to rest a lot. I’ve been changing around a few things at home and I will from now on start with a new type of photo to present my beauty posts and reviews, hope you dolls will like it! I have a few blog posts that I got planned for this week that I think will be very good info for all of you make up lovers out there, it’s about hygiene and the bacteria growth in make up. So stay tuned to get smart info on how to keep both your health and skin clear of any nasty germs that can live in make up and how to avoid it.

Also I just wanna add something, there are so many of you that visit my blog every day, both from Sweden and internationally. But there are almost never any comments which feel so quiet here at times.
I understand as I’ve been blogging for 11 years soon that times have changed and people don’t comment as much as a few years ago. But as I’m not employed by any company to write this blog and just doing it on my own I would be really happy to hear from you dolls. Even just once in a while to know what you like to read more about or some feedback on posts that you like.
Lots of love & hugs// Louise



make up art marble for spring urban decay
Hi dolls!
I have created three new categories here on the blog Make up inspo, Beauty must haves and Tutorials.
As the names kinda give away what these categories will be about I have realized it’s crazy just two have three beauty categories when I have written almost a 1000 posts about beauty throughout my soon 11 years as a beauty blogger. So I’m going to sort out my old posts so you readers can easily find my old posts, which are obviously still very relevant since my beauty tips and product recommendations don’t just go out of style like fashion posts might do.
This post will be the first of the category Make Up Inspo, to looking at lovely photos of make up and sometimes it will be combined with a review.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correction Fluid I have already started to try out. My favorite so far is the pink color that hides and masks dark circles underneath the eyes without making the product look to heavy or cakey, which will only make it crease after applying concealer. However I did notice a bit of tingling underneath my eyes, I’m not sure if’s suppose to do that or if I’m allergic.

The Duwop Angel Washes I have tried a few times and they are really good highlighter to achieve that dewy, natural bronzed look. These highlighters does not suit the pale look as they contain to much red and gold pigment, it will look best either if you got a tan or naturally have a darker skin tone. Here you can see a few photos of me wearing the dark pink one (it can also be used as a blush).

The rest of the products I will try out shortly and the eyeshadow palette is several years old, I just like to save it because I like the colors haha! Yes I know I’m such a beauty junkie, collecting unused make up lol!

Xx Louise







charlotte tilbury eyeshadow palettes
I have actually never tried any of Charlottes Tilbury’s products. I walked by her counters at Selfridges many times in the past and admired the lovely packaging. But I haven’t gotten around in trying the products so I have no idea how the texture is or if the pigmentation is good or bad. I saw these beauties online, the luxury palettes, and I would love to have them just as decoration in the bathroom haha!
They are a bit pricey though hence I haven’t felt like spending over 400SEK on an eyeshadow palette. The ingredients are pretty much the same as if you would buy an eyeshadow from NYX or L’orĂ©al so I rather save my money for other things. But if you can splurge then why not, they are gorgeous after all ;)



I think one of the most popular request or questions I’ve been getting for a while now as a beauty blogger/MUA is;
“What’s your favorite lip liner?”

I’m planning on a special post about all my faves but until then I thought I would reveal my most recent favorite that has blown me away.
It’s non other than the Kylie Cosmetics lip liner! I love the formula, the color and the pigment. It’s highly pigmented and this lip liner is the BOMB to do that nude, slightly overdrawn lip look with.
My fave color is Koko K, it looks so natural and work great with both nude and pink lipglosses and lipsticks.
However exposed I’m guessing would go better with a darker skin tone, olive skin tone and darker.
It gives a very harsh edge if you are as pale as I am (might work with a dark spray tan though…).
I’m gonna order the Dolce K and Candy K as single lip liners because I hate liquid lipsticks so def not getting those!
So to the conclusion – Is this product worth the shipping costs and waiting time? Yes 100%!

Update: I changed my mind, it is not my fave lip liner anymore! What happened was that the entire inside of the lipliner literally just slides out of the black pencil when I pick it up to use it. I never experienced such a low quality before and I tried sooo many lip liners throughout my years as a beauty blogger. I emailed KylieCosmetics and they said they’re gonna send a new one out after I complained twice… So let’s wait and see if the new one is the same poor quality!