diptyque candlesMy favorite scented candles since I was maybe around 15 years old has always been Diptyque, especially the scent Feu De Bois.
It smells like a rustic open wood fire, like you’re sitting in front of a open fire in the alps or something. At least that’s what I imagine when I light up that candle and let the scent spread throughout the apartment.
It such a lovely scent because its neither feminine or macules, it smells so homely and not too sweet like some candles do. Btw, this candle is pretty much the perfect gift for a couple at least if you ask me!
I remember going to the Diptyque store in paris on my 18th Birthday trip to Paris and it was such a lovely experience to see a whole store filled with nothing but candles.
Unfortunately I couldn’t bring as many home as I liked, but I remember buying at least two :))

The second thing I love about these candles are that they are PERFECT to clean out when the candle is brunt down and use as either brush or pencil holders.
I currently have three empty Diptyque candles as brush holders and I’m planning on cleaning out more of them soon :))
The girl behind the blog Beauty Look Book (her photos below) has really come up with cute ways to use old Diptyque candles!
I have the same big black candle as seen on the last photo and she has turned hers into a mini vase for cut roses *heart eye emoji*, wow so clever!
diptyque brush holder candles diptyque brush holder candles parisdiptyque brush holder












gucci disco bag beige pink copy

Hello lover!

I just love the Gucci disco bag in pink/beige, it looks so effortlessly chic and gorgeous. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive about is the leather strap, it would have been more luxurrious with a metal chain in gold. I guess the price would have been more though. I like that it is quite “affordable” for a designer bag.
Gucci have really made a comeback into the fashion world this passed year. At one point Gucci felt so outdated and all you could think about was the horrendous logos splattered all over the bags and those belts that you just want to hide in the darkest corner of your closet (I am guilty of having one of those belts as well lol!)

But now Gucci feels modern and chic again, even though some of their print bags have made their ways to the arms of fashionistas all over the world. I bow down for Gucci creative team! I do live for good come backs…
Xx Louise


Chanel boy bag patent leather inspo inspiration  11

Chanel bags.

Of course I find them gorgeous but I have never been obsessed with them. Instead I have been obsessed with Balenciaga bags and bracelets and pretty much most of the money I spent on bags over the years have been on Balenciaga.
However… I have always been dreaming of owning a black patent leather bag.
I find patent leather exquisite, chic and so easy to combine with just anything and it literally makes any outfit look smashing.
I can’t get over the black on black detail with the black hardware.
After seeing this bag I do not know how I am going to be able to live without it! It is the most stunning and breathtaking bag I have seen in soooo many years. It feels like the first time I saw the Balenciaga’s giant stud bags.
Since it is from the Cruise collection 2015 it probably won’t be sold for much longer so my dreams of owning this bag is looking pretty hopeless at the moment *crying face*…

Chanel Patent Quilted Flap Bag With CC Plexiglass
Chanel Cruise Collection 2015
Price: $4,700 USD, €3100 euro’s, £2690 GBP


louis vuitton louise bag

Nicholas Ghenqieure has always been my favoruite bag designer and according to me one the same level as Hermes and Chanel (duh he created the stud bag for Balenciaga). He has totally reinvented the whole LV brand with his new handbag design, putting it on the map again after years in the shadows as the logo bags came to an end.

“In his discussions to join Vuitton, Ghesquière kept coming back to the house’s classics. Part of his pitch was to design a new kind of bag. “I wanted to make a clutch that would be functional for today’s woman.
It could be an evening bag or a little day bag, but one that carries the values of the brand,” says Ghesquière.
“The simplest idea was the reproduction—not the reduction—of the unique design of the iconic trunks of Vuitton.” He came up with a proposal for a miniature trunk—boxy and heavy with hardware—with a thin leather strap.”

- Nicholas on his vision while joining Louis Vuitton. Full article here.

And quite recently the genius created the most beautiful bag and named it Louise. I mean could it be more perfect!?! To say I am in love is an understatement.
louis vuitton louise bag


louis vuitton carry on luggage travel bags

Right now I am obssessed with the Louis Vuttion Carry on in either patent leather or the classic damier monogram. And also I want the cute jewellery box and the larger make up bag to go with it ;) Oh I can’t imagine travelling again without these items haha, I want them all asap! :D

louis vuitton luggage carry on hermes kelly bag

The dream team, Louis Vuitton carry on and Hermés Kelly.

kayture Kristina Bazan airport louis vuitton bag carry on celine

The chic Kristina Bazan with her gorgeous Louis Vuttion bag in my favourite combo, patent leather in dark purple! Photo from her instagram Kristina_Bazan

iza goulart louis vuitton carry on birkin bag

Izabel Goulart