Louise Friday outfit 1Throwback outfit July 2015 London
French Connection  Belt Mulberry  Loafers Marzio  Bag Balenciaga Sunglasses Ray Ban  Bracelets CCSkye & Tory Burch

Hi babes! I’ve been feeling a bit down lately because my health is not as it use to be and it’s been difficult to get use to. I was looking through old blog posts and just felt how much I miss London. These pictures were taken almost two years ago July 2015. Just before I took these pics I had gone to viewing for a few different flats and found one that I was going to rent.
I still haven’t really gotten use to living in Stockholm again. There is just a feeling I have that I don’t belong here and I miss all my friends in London so much ♥
You know the feeling when you’re taking a walk through your neighborhood on a sunny day, grabbing a take away coffee, listening to your favorite playlist in your headphones and are on your way to meet up your friends. And a certain feeling just hits you – a feeling that you belong there and that living there really makes you happy and at peace.
Well I never had that feeling in Stockholm but once I moved to London I felt truly at home.
I love getting to know new people and I loved that my friends were literally from every corner of the world.
Some people might say now “well you should move back and why don’t you live there” etc etc, but due to certain circumstances I can’t so I will try to make the best out of the situation. In hindsight I wish I would have blogged more when I lived in London, about my life and all the amazing places, and made some vlogs, but I guess I was too busy living :))
And I do not even want to bring up the awful and tragic event that occurred in Stockholm this past Friday. But let’s just say that makes me want to live here even less…

On a more positive note, I can’t wait for summer. Normally I’m more of fall/winter time of person but this year it’s totally changed for me. I’ve officially become one of those summer craving people that just want warm weather and sunny days, who would have thought… ;))

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balenciaga-giant-stud-grey-leggings-winter-outfitHi dolls!
I’m literally feeling like a little kid just waiting for the winter to come back to Stockholm and the snow will start falling down again. I just loooove with it snows and when it is lots of snow outside because it just lights up the streets and the sky looks so much brighter. So beautiful! And if you have not experienced this you need to book a trip to Scandinavia or Iceland in the winter because everyone needs to experience this!
winter outfit inspiration
Things I can’t live without in the winter
♥ Ugg boots – I literally couldnt care less if it’s trendy or not. All I care about are what they are warm and fluffy on the inside (like all the Ugg haters personalities could be more like lol!!) and I have no desire in life to be “fashion”…
♥ Chai lattes & Hot chocolate – Yeah lots of chai lattes are essential and so are hot cocoa with whipped cream.
♥ Fur jackets – Can’t get enough!
♥ Leggings – The key here is to only buy really thick leggings so you can wear them as pants. These are much more flattering and curve hugging than jeans. My fave ones are actually from Zara (wearing them on this photo) and I got about 10 pairs in grey, black and dark blue.
♥ Harry Potter – Love watching Harry potter around Christmas time and I’m dying to watch the new JK Rowling movie. All Harry Potter haters can just twirl away from this blog hahaha!
♥ Smokey eyes – I can’t stand smokey eyes in the spring and summer, it is just too harsh, but oh in the winter it looks so chic!
♥ Buying new knitwear – I love shopping for cute cardigans and tops and currently I’m on the hunt for a oversized long chunky cardigan!
♥ Learning to cook new dishes – Cooking is one of my biggest hobbies so every winter I want to learn a few new dishes and become a real pro at cooking them, chef style!
I consider it a key skill in life to at least have 5-15 different dishes you can make really well.
♥ Going out for drinks – I know this might sound obvious but it something extra magical about the feeling around town during December. Everyone seems maybe a bit more cheerful which makes it a lot more fun to go out and socialize. Especially for me that’s become a real homebody.

What’s your winter essentials? I would love to hear and get inspired!
winter outfit inspiration


stuart weitzman boots beige taupe summer style

I love summer outfits styled with a pair of overknee boots, however it may look better when you are somewhere like LA or London. I wore this in the evening a few weeks ago when it was quite cold weather, so boots were still appropriate to wear (at least in a light color).
I guess my style is a bit different than the typical Swedish/Stockholm way of dressing, which is more minimalistic and effortless. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes I still like a more glam style. I love Russian girls clothing style and the typical Jetset babe look!

But don’t get me wrong, I live for track suits, work out pants and sneakers just as much as dressing up in fancy outfits ;)
My next post is going to be about summer outfit inspiration, something I’m constantly looking for! Living in countries like the UK and especially Sweden, summer is not very long and it is difficult to buy a good summer wardrobe without spending a fortune. Personally I think it is a waste of money to spend a lot of money on just summer clothes since it’s summer 2 max 3 months per year. I rather spend my money on more expensive accessories and fall/winter clothing.
stuart weitzman boots beige taupe summer style
lots of love louise


st tropez outfit inspiration

Hi dolls!
One of my favorite places in the world is South of France, Monaco, Eze, Nice, Cannes. I miss it so much! I use to go there in the summers before but when I moved to London I did not travel as much as before.

I really miss the amazing atmosphere that you only experience there and the luxurious yet simple surroundings are just my taste.
The other day the weather was over 25 degrees so I decided to wear something that just screams summer and south of france. I found this lovely yellow dress from Zara in my closet which I have never worn and quite frankly I had forgotten all about it.
I matched it with a matching necklace, one of my black Balenciaga bags and a colorful pink balenciaga bracelets, pair of raybans and a gold watch.
The photos are taken by the very talented photographer Armand Dommer which is always a pleasure to work with. He always make me turn up the “blog-posing” a notch which is quite fun ;) I will post more photos from the shoot later, the full outfit pics and also some make up close up with all the product details! Xx Louise
armand dommer st tropez outfit inspirationarmand dommer st tropez outfit inspirationarmand dommer st tropez outfit inspirationst tropez outfit inspirationst tropez vibes 33

Wearing IDUN lipgloss in color “Cornelia”


armand dommer fotograf boho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciagamake up artist beauty looks inpsirationHi dolls!
I really love this simple outfit, cute and casual! Both the top and jeans are from Zara, the top is probably still in stores and the jeans as well. Affordable yet chic.
The necklace is an old piece from Bvlgari but I changed the chain to a longer one. Sunglasses from Ray Ban (size 58mm), watch from Michael Kors, bracelets from Balenciaga and Tory Burch.

I took some extra close up photos of this look as well. I will post those photos separately with all the product details of the make up I used to create this look.

boho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciagabalenciaga city bag stud rose gold boho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciagaboho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciaga
Photos by Armand Dommer


khaki green cameo outfit balenciaga marzio zara
Hi dolls!
Yesterday I passed by my lovely hair dresser Sofia at Ljusberg Olsson to get my hair freshen up. I am really into the lighter blonde look at the moment so Sofia added a few highlights (bleach) in the front and did a base lift. A base lift is a highlighter (known as “toning” in Swedish) that changes the tone of the blonde, which makes the color look lighter and blonder. The one Sofia uses on my hair makes it look cooler and more beige, less golden/yellow.
I really can’t stand yellow blonde hair, it makes me cringe. I can guarantee that anyone with yellow-blonde hair will look much better if they would try the base lift Sofia uses on my hair!
khaki green cameo outfit balenciaga marzio zara
salong ljusberg olsson stockholm frisör khaki green cameo outfit balenciaga marzio zaraWearing Maybelline Nude Perfection lip liner all over my lips. No gloss or lipstick, only lip liner!