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Hi babes!
Hope you are all surviving this grey and boring Monday.
Today marks the day when a whopping two months has passed since the last time I had any sweets!!
Since New Years Eve I have not had any ice cream, cakes, cookies, no chocolate, candy, junk food meaning no french fries, onion rings, pizza etc, stopped drinking carbonated drinks including sparkling water,  no full fat chips/crisp (only lentil flour baked non fried “chips”), nothing unhealthy really. And also no alcohol.
As many of you loyal readers might remember I have been complaining on and off over my sugar/candy “addiction” and I decided it was time to put an end to that.

Since my health has become worse and worse in ways that I’m totally not in control over, nothing I can change or affect, I decided I wanted to do everything in my power to protect my health in every aspects I can.
Meaning food and lifestyle choices.
I’m now following an alkaline diet which is the best diet to follow to prevent any health conditions or diseases like diabetes, cancer etc etc.
I’m planning on writing a longer post about what an Alkaline lifestyle means but I will summarize it as short as I can.
The optimal Ph level for the body is 7.3, this is the Ph level when the body will function at it’s best and prevent diseases to grow. If the level goes below that diseases can grow and take hold in the body. For example cancer cells can’t grow in a high Ph level environment. So everything that has a low Ph level I’m not eating or consuming anymore. You are suppose to eat “high Alkaline foods” approx 80% of the time and the rest of the 20% you can eat whatever you like but avoid the worst low level Ph foods. Also called acid foods.
To mention a thing that are acid; Coffee, sugar, alcohol, meat, fish, chicken and dairy from cows (soy and almond milk is OK), sodas and sparkling water are among a few things to avoid.
Since I haven’t been able to excise at all the goal with this was not too loose weight but to just live a new healthy lifestyle. However if you would follow the Alkaline diet and combine it excises I’m sure amazing results can be achieved.

If any of you dolls want too I’m happy to share some of my amazing healthy and tasty food recipes here on the blog?
Healthy food does not need to be boring <3
Xx Louise

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Once upon a time I use to be quite amazing at making macarons, I practiced and I practiced. But then I guess other things than baking came up and took away most of my time. I do however, on occasion, love to bake and especially macarons.
So for Christmas and NYE I decided to give my old faithful macarons recipe a try and along the line I even found a better recipe which I will share with you all today.
I also discovered the importance of always using powder flavor and gel colours, and never too much liquid color. I added the Swedish words after in the recipe flr my Swedish readers ♥

French macaron recipe for approx 20-22 macarons with filling

130 grams of Almond flour (mandelmjöl)
130 grams of Powder sugar (florsocker)
45 grams of castor sugar (strösocker)
100 grams of aged egg whites (äggvitor)
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla powder (not vanilla sugar or “vaniljsocker”)
Do not exceed 1-2 teaspoons of powder/gel/liquid for flavors or/and color into the batter

This filling is so easy and simple it’s silly! Mix half a yar of high quality raspberry jam together with maybe 1-2 deciliter of room temperature warm Nutella. Mix it together and pour it in a piping bag to fill the macarons. I also added just a pinch of vanilla powder into this, which gave it a lovely vanilla touch to it!

Temperature for the oven 150-170 Celcius degrees in a approx 10-12 min. Here you have to go a bit on the feeling on how warm you oven gets. If you know you’re oven might get really warm then put it in 150 degrees. I recommend that you instead of making all the macarons on 1-2 trays maybe do 3-4 trays and use the first tray as a “test” to see how you oven works for macarons. In that way you havent ruined all of your macarons if the first one is a bit off.

For how to make the macarons I actually recommend that you go on youtube and watch tutorial on “How to make french macarons”. I can describe the folding technique and how to whisk the meringue, but the best way to learn is to watch it.

But a few important steps to think about
– For example when you add the sugar into the egg whites, the egg whites should already be whisked so much that it leaves traces before you add any sugar into the mix.
– Make sure you blend the almond flower and powder sugar together properly before adding into the meringue batter.
– Add the flavor and coloring before you add the almond/sugar mix
– Make the macarons rest on the trays for a least 30 to 60 min before baking them in the oven. The macarons should have developed a “skin” before baking.
This is of outmost importance and to learn this like I did, just watch a tones of videos but follow this recipe for the measurements ♥


louise adolphson glam beauty blogger
Hi dolls!
In one month it is my 27th birthday and I usually reflect a lot before my birthday. I also make a major attempt to get in better shape before my bday.
This photo is from two days before my last bday and I felt that my body was in really good shape and now I want to get back at it. I havent been eating as often as I should, I had way too much sweets and just not been taking care of myself in regards to what I eat.
I eat maybe one real meal per day which is really bad, I know I know. So this month I’m going to dedicate totally to getting healthier! It is not that I have a bunch of weight I want to loose but I have 2 kg I would like to drop to be back at the weight I prefer. My weight has for a long time been between 53-56KG and I would say maybe 54 is where I think I look the best. When I weigh 53 or less I think I start to look to skinny and I don’t like that so much anymore.
Of course two kilos don’t really make a major different in appearance to be honest, it is more about how it feels inside. Any of you dolls know what I mean? My main focus is really just to boost my body to get healthier and I assume I might drop a kilo or two just by eating less sweets and trying to get my metabolism up and running again by eating more often.
So now I’m going to have a cinnamon bun and a cup of tea and start tomorrow hahaha! I havent had any candy for almost two weeks so I guess that is always a good warmup for my healthier month awaiting.


vegan green smothie recipeGreen smoothie bowl recipe

Okay so I have to confess, the last two months I have been slacking a bit with what I am eating. Not terribly but defiantly eating to much sweets but those days are over. I am so ready to start my new health mode and focus on myself 100% now.
My mind have been preoccupied with other things and I have now realized I put all my energy into dead end situations, not good at all!

But maybe it is good to sometime prioritize wrong and then learn what is right for you in the end. And now it is total focus on health and rebuilding myself to the best, and that starts from within and unfortunately I don’t think sweets or sugary drinks are on the menu to achieve that (lol!).
So to inspire myself and all of you dolls that wants to eat healthier or maybe eat more vegetarian food, here you go:

vegan cheesecake
Vegan strawberry cheesecake

Red rice stir-fry with spicy tofu + an announcement recipeRed rice stir-fry with spicy tofu + an announcement recipe

vegan recipe Grilled Breaded Tofu Steaks with Spinach Salad and Tomato Flaxseed BreadGrilled Breaded Tofu Steaks with Spinach Salad and Tomato Flaxseed Bread

vegan Baked Taco Salad
Baked taco salad

Watermelon Milkshakes
Watermelon milkshake

vegan 2Moroccan salad bowl with preserved lemons

vegan Vegan Greek zucchini frittersVegan Greek zucchini fritters


chic stylish work out clothes casall bcbg
I was sooo happy yesterday that the weather was so amazing, I spent the day first getting my hair done, then I had a quick photo shoot with Armand, then a meeting, ran around tan running errands and then a night with H.
We took a long walk and then went food shopping, then just watching movies. And in the evening when I was on my laptop I found some photos from about 1-2 weeks ago when the weather was amazing for like over a week. It really felt like summer was here.
So I wanted to show you this photo that H took when we went powerwalking (a good 2 hour walk!). I love these Casall tights so much, I literally have 5 of them but with different colors on the stripes on the sides and I also have the capri ones (shorter legs). The mesh jacket is also from Casall and I have it in a champagne color as well.

I just can’t stand ugly work out clothes and even if some people don’t consider powerwalking a work out it is still exercising and I love to always be comfortable when I am walking for hours.
My best advice would be to spend about 2000 kronor (200£) on maybe 1-2 pair quality work out pants, 1-2 tops and a nice jacket for outdoor use. This will be money well spent when the summer is here and it is boring to be inside a gym.


chai latte espresso house salted caramel macarons

Hi dolls! Hope you all are having a good start of the week. I got up a bit earlier today to get some things done and then I had some of my two favorites things, salted caramel macarons and chai latte. I know, I know, sugar overdose!!
I started the day so good with just a diet shake and then onto this haha! My H♥ is kinda on me about eating less sugar and eating for food instead, anyone who have read my blogs back in the days surely remember how bad I use to eat. But H actually makes me eat much more food than before and I am trying to cut down on the sugar but it is just so hard. I barely drink and when I do it is very little and only wine, I don’t smoke, I don’t eat junk food (except the occasional french fries side dish) and I never overeat. But sugar, that is my weak spot. Through some periods of months and once a whole year, I stopped eating sugar. It went really, really well until I was at a birthday party and I had a piece of cake and then I was screwed again. Totally hooked on sugar again.
I manage to go a while without sugar this spring because me and H had a bet *hint hint* (lol!!) but then we went to dinner and I had dessert and yeah, that did not help…

I think if you are addicted to sugar you can’t just have once piece like “normal” people do. You need to stop completely before you learn how to control it.
I watched that documentary sugar a while back but I never finished the whole hour. I need to finish watching that documentary because it was so interesting.
I think I am going to make an effort of cutting down on sugar and then stopped completely for like a month or two again. Any sugar-addicts out there? And if so, how is it going for you?
Xx Louise