madison beer amFAR gala new york 2017

Madison Beer is fairly “unknown” in Sweden, but she is def the It-girl of Instagram!
She’s a singer that got famous after Justin Bieber tweeted a video of her singing. I mean that must be most peoples dream, have a huge artists give you a shout out or repost, wow! These celebs really do hold the power of social media.

Anyway she looked absolutely stunning in her neutral beige dress at the AmfAR Gala. Can’t believe she is only 17, she looks at least 25 years old. Don’t know if that is good or bad however, it’s crazy how quickly teenagers grow up today and they look like proper adults when they are not even 20 yet.

madison beer amFAR gala new york 2017


jennifer lopez zanotti shoes

One of my favorites stars Jennifer Lopez has just launched her shoe collections with Giuseppe Zanotti. Last night was the big launch at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. What I would have given to be one of the US bloggers that got invite last night hehe, it would have been so amazing to go and I love that events like this has started invited bloggers instead of magazines. After all bloggers hold a much higher marketing value than any magazine ever could and the US is always the leaders in marketing.
The shoes are a bit extreme in both height and design, which is both the trademark for the classic Giuseppe Zanotti design but also JLo’s.
The heels are way too high for me to wear, I stopped wearing very high heels a few years ago and prefer so called midi heels now (heels around 7-10cm). I’ve listed my favorites from the collaboration below, the pair I would love to own are sneakers. So cool and would be perfect with a pair of black leggings and a bomber jacket.

jennifer lopez zanotti sandals
Leslie heels, $895
jennifer lopez zanotti sneakers tiana
Tiana sneakers, $1,395 jennifer lopez lynda lace up boots
Lynda booties, $2,995 (comes in Silver, rose gold and gold)

Jennifer Lopez And Giuseppe Zanotti Celebrate Their New Shoe Collaboration - Arrivals

Jennifer wore the lastest hair trend this year (or maybe should we say first since it’s only january), the sleek high pony tail. The Kardashians sister and many other celebs have started working a ponytail (and very long extensions).
I do love pony tails for I prefer this over the braided trend that were huge last year.
She matched it with a all white ensemble which looks so chic and elegant and her signature glowing bronze/nude make up look.
I spot a bit of a shimmery pink/rose gold looking eyeshadow, also a new make up trend brewing among some of the world best MUA’s.
Kylie Jenner launching rose gold cream eyeshadows, HudaBeauty palette with rose gold shadows and now Jennifer wearing it. Might be onto something.
However as I was speaking to one of my girlfriends yesterday she said she bought the Kylie eyeshadow and it did not look good on her and the quality was not as good as the thought.
The thing with eyeshadows with pink or red pigment is that it can actually make you look sick, your eyes can easily appear more red and also it can make you look like your eyes are tired or even worse, the same look you get when you have an eye infection. So if you want to try out the trend with pink eyeshadow, make sure it’s a icy pink shadow with a cold undertone.
On another note I also bought the KylieCosmetics cream metallic eyeshadow but in purple, so stay tuned for an upcoming review this week!
Xx Louise

Jennifer Lopez And Giuseppe Zanotti Celebrate Their New Shoe Collaboration - Arrivalsjennifer lopez zanotti









Hi dolls!
So much has been going on lately that I haven’t found the time I need to just sit down and write.
The other day I went for coffee with Sophia and we went by Chanel to look at some bags.
And I mean if this is not bag heaven I don’t know what is! I haven’t been the biggest fan of Chanel Boy Bags, not that I don’t like them, of course I do, I think they are gorgeous! But the classic flap bag and 2.55 have been the ones I liked the most. But when I saw these boy bags in beige I was in total awe, so so so pretty!

These are definitely my ultimate dream bags, so maybe some day I can afford them all!


beige inspiration celine store fashionistaHi babes!
Hope you all had a lovely day. I’m trying to keep the blog up to date as much as possible but I’m also working with a few other creative outlets at the moment so sometime you just need to channel the creativity.
I’m starting to feel much more inspired again now when it is finally autumn again.
Autumn is my fave season and I just love when it gets darker earlier in the day, it starts getting a bit chilly outside, it rains more, the moon gets brighter as the sky gets darker, cosy evenings at home cooking, watching movies and drinking tea, baking cinnamon buns, wearing cosy knitwear and UGGs (YES I’m still gonna slay wearing them and you should to!), long walks in the afternoon watching the trees change color to orange and red, the warm light just before sunset, chic trenchcoats, staying home without feel any need to leave the house for the rest of the day, nude/beige colored outfits mixed with black and taupe, fall/autumn make up (Time for contour and smokey eyes again!!), hot chocolate and pumpkin latte.

I hope you got a little bit excited reading this? If yes then good!! Because this week my big autumn inspiration post is coming. I wanted to wait until it really felt like fall and now it is almost October so it is the perfect timing.
Xx Louise


Kylie jenner new york fashion week balmain harpers bazaar party
Let’s all take several seats for Kylie Jenner. I don’t know if she’s been reading my blog (but she noticed my IG before so who knows hehe!!) but I’m def digging her hair looking very similar to mine in a few pics hehe!
First I thought it looked a bit harsh with the platinum blonde but I do think she looks gorgeous as a blonde too!
She would look even better in the classic beige-blonde color that my hair dresser Sofia does.
Anyway, back to the style update of Kylie during fashion week!!

kylie-jenner-yeezy-season-4-nyfwOf course Kylie rocked some fresh Yeezy outfits, what else really when Kanye is part of them fam?

kylie-jenner-new-york-fashion-week-kuwtkAlexander Wang gifted Kylie with a custom made demin jacket with the text “King Kylie” on the back. I’m a huge fan of demin jackets so I’m really feeling this look and I’m totally jealous of the gift, I’m mean like I would SO NOT MIND Alexander wang bringing back the ICONIC Balenciaga bags with the giant stud and giving me a few. So much free pr I’ve done for them, I’m worth it, just saying (hehehe)…

kylie jenner make up tutorial kyshadows
The glam, the ponytail, the dresses, the tan, slaying so much…

kylie-jenner-new-york-fashion-week-kuwtk-jennerI get it, as a celeb you want to stand out and maybe dress a bit over the top. So the head-thing on the right side is excused but it still don’t make it look good. It looks like something a 90s RNB artist would wear. The shoes are gorgeous though.